By Max Lane The major East Timorese newspapers Suara Timor Timur and Novas carried lead stories on March 29 about Indonesia's People's Democratic Party's (PRD) position on East Timorese self-determination. That day, the Election Implementation
Mexican indigenous rights referendum a big success By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — On March 21, almost 3 million Mexicans participated in a makeshift referendum on indigenous rights called by the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). The
By Barry Sheppard Taking a break from the daily bombing of Iraq, US-led NATO forces are escalating the bombing of Yugoslavia, threatening a wider war. This underscores the determination of the US ruling class to build up its already massive
Nigerian environmentalists arrested Those who think there is now freedom in Nigeria should rethink. The crackdown against environment and indigenous rights activists is continuing, says Environmental Rights Action (ERA). Three environment activists
By Yakov Ben Efrat Abdallah Ocalan, the revered leader of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK), was abducted from Nairobi on February 15 by the Turkish Special Forces. The event spurred worldwide protests. Ocalan represents 20 million Kurds in
By Emma Webb ADELAIDE — Last year, Adelaide academic and president of the Conservation Council of South Australia, Dr Tim Doyle, participated in an international fact-finding mission to examine the impact of Western Mining Corporation operations
By Norm Dixon Britain's Independent Television Commission on March 22 suspended the license of the Kurdish satellite television station, Med TV, for 21 days, forcing it to cease broadcasting. The ban followed the station's screening of live footage
By Shane Bentley PARRAMATTA — The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees has launched a campaign to protest against the rejection of applications for asylum from Iraqi Kurds by European governments. These governments claim that Iraqi
Upsurge in Iranian Kurdistan By Norm Dixon News filtering out of Iranian-occupied Kurdistan (north-west Iran) indicates there has been a significant upsurge in the Kurdish people's struggle for national self-determination since the seizure of
Indonesia plays delaying game with East Timor By Jon Land United Nations-sponsored talks between Indonesia and Portugal on the future of East Timor, which took place March 9-11, resulted in Indonesia agreeing to allow some form of direct ballot
Zero tolerance or zero survival? By Norm Dixon The New York Police Department is issuing hollow-point ammunition — dum-dum bullets — to its cops. This is being done despite protests from citizens' groups and despite the fact that the use of
By Cam Walker March 24 marked the 10th anniversary of the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez tanker in Alaska, one of the worst oil disasters in history. Friends of the Earth International chose that day to release a report on Exxon and its new