By Jeffrey Mackler SAN FRANCISCO — On November 7, a militant demonstration of 2500 people here broadened the support for a new trial and for freedom for US political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose appeal against his frame-up conviction on a
Worldwide protests demand asylum for Ocalan By Norm Dixon A Rome court on November 20 ordered the release on bail of Abdullah Ocalan, general secretary of the left-wing pro-independence Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), while his appeal for
By Jon Land There are grave fears for the well-being of several East Timorese youths missing after Indonesian soldiers ransacked the villages of Turin and Taitudak in the Alas subdistrict on November 15. Eyewitnesses said that four youths in
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The setting could have been Germany in the 1930s. Over a period of about a month, a well-known parliamentary deputy claimed that "Yids" were responsible for the country's economic problems; vowed before media reporters
By Reihana Mohideen MANILA — The Asian economic crisis has had a massive impact on the production, availability and accessibility of basic food products, leading to serious food shortages in south-east Asia. In the Philippines, formerly an
By Robyn Marshall Doctors in Peru performed about 110,000 sterilisations last year, plus 10,000 vasectomies, as part of a government birth control campaign. The number of women sterilised was more than three times the number in 1996. Since 1961,
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russians, like other northern Europeans, tend to be tall if properly fed. "If" is of course the important word here: throughout most of Russia's history, the nutrition of the bulk of the population has been abominable.
By Ahmad Qatamesh [Ahmad Qatamesh was the longest serving administrative detainee (imprisoned without charge or trial for five years) and was released by the Israeli government early this year. He is a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation
Canadian PM in hot water over APEC '97 By Dr James Winter As the APEC leaders prepare to meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 15-18, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is still battling calls for his resignation following the
Zimbabwe cops kill striker By Norm Dixon On November 11, Zimbabwe riot police fired tear gas canisters at 25,000 striking workers and unemployed youth in the small town of Mutare, about 270 kilometres east of the capital, Harare. At least one
By Eva Cheng Despite Beijing's repressive rule, pockets of small protests persist across China. In recent years, the number of such protests have risen sharply in reaction to mass sackings, rampant corruption by Chinese Communist Party officials
Korean workers march against bosses On November 8, about 20,000 South Korean workers marched around the Seoul headquarters of the Federation of Korean Industries to demand the jailing of the bosses of big businesses, whom they accuse of bringing
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