On June 10, the federal government’s new occupational health and safety (OH&S) peak body — the Safe Work Australia Council (SWAC) — held its first meeting. Workers in Australia took one more step towards eroded and unsafe working conditions.
Family First, the small party based on the fundamentalist Assemblies of God church is carving out a niche for itself as an environmental vandal, at the federal and at state levels.
The first person in Australia to die from H1N1 virus (or "swine flu") was an Aboriginal man from a remote community.
A draft agency agreement proposed by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) management has been endorsed by a staff vote. An announcement made on June 30 said 56% of votes were cast in support of the agreement.
The July 1 Australian carried an extraordinary attack by Ilan Grapel on Green Left Weekly and its monthly Arabic insert the Flame titled “A willing ally to Hamas’s hatred”. Both publications are guilty of a “radical anti-Israel stance”, Grapel said.
When Rupert Murdoch’s Australian published a racist and malicious attack (see page 8) on Green Left Weekly and particularly its Arabic-language supplement, the Flame, I rang the Flame’s editor, Soubhi Iskander, with the news.
On July 1, 60 people attended an emergency rally againt the coup in Honduras in the Latin American Plaza in Sydney. The emotionally charged rally was called at short notice by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN) and the Latin American Forum to condemn the undemocratic coup carried out by a small group of military officers, members of the oligarchy and their political agents in Honduras.
This year is the seventh year Melbourne’s Community Radio 3CR will broadcast its Beyond the Bars program.
The three crises facing capitalism — jobs, the environment and war— were the subject of Victoria's Socialist Alliance conference on June 27.
The mainstream media has gone into a frenzy over Indonesian claims that thousands of new refugees will soon seek refuge in Australia.


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