Members Coalition wins councillors in NSW PSA

Newly elected members of the PSA Members Coalition. Photo: PSA Members Coalition/Facebook

The Members Coalition (MC) Teams that contested the NSW Public Sector Association (PSA) election championing union democracy and leadership accountability were the surprises of the recent elections.

In a low turnout — just 11% and down from 18% in the 2016 elections — MC won around a third of the vote. It will hold 14 of the 39 PSA Central Council positions.

Frank Kovic from the MC team was elected as one the PSA’s three vice presidents. Outgoing President Kylie McKelvie was the MC’s candidate for general secretary and Anabel Morales Nogues, long-time Central Councillor ran for assistant general secretary. Both were elected to Central Council.

MC brought together people who were unhappy with the dominant Rank and File faction. MC’s campaign platform included a call to reduce the salaries of the general secretary and the assistant general secretary and for limited tenure in key positions.