Refugees have set up a protest camp outside the electorate office of Clare O'Neil to demand permanent visas. Chris Slee reports.

Socialist Alliance issued the following statement in solidarity with the Construction Forestry Maritime Employees Union on July 18.


India's new criminal laws give the state more power to curtail rights and freedoms, reports Isaac Nellist.

flags of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong with Xi Jinping

Au Loong-Yu is a long-time Hong Kong labour rights and political activist who now lives in exile. In the first part of this interview with Green Left’s Federico Fuentes, he discusses China’s rise and tensions with the United States.

Social media giant Meta has censored the School Strike 4 Climate group after it announced plans for a school strike for West Papua on August 30. Alex Bainbridge reports.

yougov poll

In the middle of a cost-of-living and housing crisis, it makes sense that a majority of young people think Australia should be more socialist, argues Isaac Nellist.

It may sound good, but are serious dangers in tying a renewable energy transition to the profit interests of corporate capitalism as Labor’s new renewable energy “superpower” plan does. Peter Boyle reports.

police spray protesters with tear gas

Amid economic turmoil, environmental crisis, escalating inequality, widespread despair and disillusionment, the far right is presenting itself as a “radical” and “anti-system” alternative, argues Brazilian socialist Mariana Riscali.

As Gillian Segal has a track record of insisting that legitimate criticism of Israel is antisemitic, it is more likely that she will be an envoy for promoting racism and division, argues Janet Parker.

Boy holding onto a van

Mali, then Burkina Faso, and finally Niger have experienced coups d’état and subsequently formed the Alliance of Sahel States (AES). What should we make of this new reality for West Africa? Paul Martial provides his analysis.

Green Left’s Alex Bainbridge spoke to Independent Senator and DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara Lidia Thorpe about Labor’s promises and record on addressing First Nations’ injustices.

David Mejia-Canales from the Human Rights Law Centre speaks to Alex Bainbridge about the new report Protest in Peril