GREEN LEFT REPORT #2: Greece, Left Turn and more


The second Green Left Report, filmed in front of a live audience, features Mike Karadjis (political economist at Sydney University and member of We Are All Greeks), Antony Loewenstein (independent journalist and author of Left Turn), comic Carlo Sands, plus footage of the Christmas Carol Crims, WikiLeaks and more.

Produced by Green Left TV. Hosts: Mel Barnes and Simon Butler. Crew: John Reynolds, Jill Hickson, Paul Benedek, Viv Miley, Frank Lesha, Andry Andry and Katrina Channels. Graphics: Daryl Davies. Music: John Gauci

Thanks to our guests and the great studio audience.

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A solid second episode of the Green left Report, the guests were really interesting. Definitely an improvement from the first episode. Good to see you gave Carlo a table

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