Evo Morales at COP21: 'Capitalism is the enemy'

Evo Morales addressing the COP21 summit in Paris on November 30.

Bolivian President Evo Morales has blamed capitalism for environmental destruction during his speech at the opening plenary at the United Nations COP21 climate summit in Paris, France, TeleSUR English said on November 30.

Morales called capitalism “the formula that has destroyed our species” and delivered a manifesto to save Mother Earth and life.

“On behalf of the social movements, I came here to raise the proposals agreed to at the last Climate Summit II held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, last October.” He added that “today we have a unique and historic responsibility with Mother Earth”.

TeleSUR English said on December 1 that Morales announced he was set to consult with Bolivia's social movements the next day over the Paris talks, saying social movements provided his “mandate” on the issue.

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