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Hawaiian activists are calling on nations who condemn the genocide in Gaza to withdraw from Rim of the Pacific war games, illegally hosted on Hawaiian land.

It may sound good, but are serious dangers in tying a renewable energy transition to the profit interests of corporate capitalism as Labor’s new renewable energy “superpower” plan does. Peter Boyle reports.

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Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus presents six new books on neoliberal ideology, oceans in crisis, Michigan’s water wars, and the corrupt food industry.

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Israel’s state-owned water company Mekorot has played a key role in the theft of Palestinian water. "Fuera Mekorot" (Get Out Mekorot) campaign organiser Gisela Cardozo spoke to Green Left’s Ben Radford about Mekorot's nefarious activities in Argentina and the campaign against it.

Ecosocialist activist and organiser Jess Spear argues that we need to place an understanding of the ecological crisis at the centre of our struggles, in order to move beyond capitalism and secure a future for humanity and the Earth.

As climate protesters protested outside Woodside HQ, two others had blockaded the only access road to Burrup Hub Project in Pilbara region in the early morning. Alex Salmon reports.

Anti-nuclear activists protested outside a fundraiser at the Double Bay bowls club, hosted by Nationals MPs Keith Pitt and David Gillespie, advocates of the Coalition’s nuclear power plan. Kerry Smith reports.

There is compelling evidence that we need to shift away from a market-based economic system to a needs-based economy with people and nature at its centre, argues Susan Price.

Bullying your way to nuclear power might play out well in the Coalition party room, but it’s unlikely to win favour with the states or voters, writes Jim Green.

The Rising Tide national tour arrived outside Labor MP Peter Khalil’s office in Coburg and dumped a truck load of bull shit in protest at its climate ‘policy’. Darren Saffin reports.

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Peter Dutton's nuclear power push needs to be opposed but Labor is compromised on nuclear, writes Alex Bainbridge.

Wendy Bacon reports on a draft bill that proposes a new form of urban governance that could give NSW business property owners a special say over how public spaces are used.