Book launch - Never Again: Reflections on Environmental Responsibility Post Roe 8

Sunday December 3 @ 5pm

City of Fremantle Town Hall, 8 William St Fremantle

Hosted by Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor





March 23, 7am. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 61-101 Phillip St, Sydney

In March 2020, climate criminals will descend on Sydney to plan the 'Future of Mining' amidst the expansion of fossil fuel projects across Australia. While the country burns, firefighters die, a billion animals perish and hazardous smoke poisons millions, these fossil fuel executives and their financiers want to gather to continue to profit of the destruction of the planet.

Vimy Resources, the company behind plans to mine uranium at Mulga Rock on Upurli Upurli Nguratja country East of Kalgoorlie, are holding a General Meeting to secure huge share packages for executives. It also looks like Vimy may be planning to sell.

Tamboran shareholders and investors are coming together for their AGM on Friday 18 November. Tamboran is relying on their low public profile to get away with drilling through precious groundwater in the Beetaloo near Darwin, destroying sacred Country and putting remote Aboriginal communities’ health at risk. Join us outside the AGM to stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners from across the Northern Territory who have never given consent to fracking and strongly oppose public money being funnelled into devastating fossil fuel projects. 

All three species of South West Black Cockatoos are at risk of extinction within our lifetimes. We are calling on the State Government to stop the chop of the Black Cockatoos' forests and woodland homes - we must protect and reconnect their habitat and we need people-power to achieve this.

This documentary tells the stories of people whose lives were changed by renewable energy. It shows how renewable energy is revitalising communities and revitalising industries across the U.S.A..

Join us for dinner after the screening at Kent House, 141 Faulkner Street, Armidale. Entry and dinner free, donations welcome.

100% of recent trainees felt more prepare for civil disobedience to get action on climate, and would recommend this training to others!

...motivating and exhilarating..." "...informative, thought-provoking and empowering..." - some of the feedback from our Peaceful Protest Training.

If you've been to a Rebel Welcome or Public Talk or other event, your next step to taking action is Peaceful Protest Training (a.k.a Intro to Non-Violent Direct Action NVDA).

Film Screening of new film on Jack Mundey's life and politics.

Jack Mundey was part of a radical team that won the union leadership of the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) in the 1960s.

After winning safety on the job, sick and accident pay, the BLF went on to fight apartheid, give solidarity to First Nations peoples, fight for jobs for women, for black and then green bans. Those bans saved many heritage and environmentally significant sites.

This documentary tells the stories of people whose lives were changed by renewable energy. It shows how renewable energy is revitalising communities and revitalising industries across the U.S.A..

At McCrossin's Mill, Salisbury Street, Uralla.

Entry free, donations welcome.

Calling all Rebels! It’s time to hit the streets to show that the climate emergency hasn’t gone away, and neither have we.

In love and rage, we will march on Malcolm Street Bridge, disrupting the connection between our parliament and the fossil fuel companies who are joining forces to destroy our planet. Join us to rebel for all life.

COVID-19 has shown how fragile our society is and presented it with an opportunity to change course. Disastrously, our politicians are now squandering that opportunity, putting all of us at grave risk.

Join us for a colourful and creative action!

Join us for an awesome evening of stellar performances to celebrate the Keep the Change Timor Leste and Earthworker Coffee Cooperative and launch our Crowdfunder. This will be a great night of global solidarity featuring a fantastic lineup of musicians including Paulie Stewart from the Painters and Dockers, Gil Santos from the Dili Allstars, slide guitarist, Dan Musil plus a variety of up and coming performers.

Food Inc. unveils some of the sombre practices underpinning the American food industry, exploring how corporations place profits before consumer health, worker safety and the environment. This documentary argues that industrial production methods are not only inhumane, but they are also unsustainable from an economic and environmental standpoint.

Join us for dinner and discussion after the screening at 141 Kent House, Armidale.

Entry and dinner free, donations welcome.

Location: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA

Parliament House Lawn, Canberra
On the first day of Parliament for 2018, let’s turn up in force to show our politicians that the community is ready to ramp up national pressure to make sure Adani’s mega coal mine is stopped once and for all. Invite your friends and bring your StopAdani signs and tshirts.

This fun, social idea came out of the 10 year celebration/future forum last November — We are inviting sustainability interest groups together for a social gathering called ‘Green Drinks’. To be honest the original idea was by Dave Carr organising similar get togethers for the enviro-sector in previous years. But what is original is the cool new venue for the get together.


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