Issue 77


Philippines solidarity network to be established By Max Lane SYDNEY — Solidarity Philippines Australia Network — SPAN — is to be established as a result of the "Philippines 100 Years of Struggle 100 Years of Solidarity" conference held
reenpeace vessel faces further 10 days arrest The Russian authorities interviewing the crew of the Greenpeace vessel solo have asked for a 10-day extension of the boat's arrest. "The Russian border guard investigating commission has been
Vic public sector plans strike MELBOURNE — A meeting of workers covered by state awards decided on October 22 to organise a 24-hour strike against the Kennett government's plan to replace the state award system with an individual employment
Rallies against war production By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — Several demonstrations have been held as part of a week of activities around the "airshow" at Avalon Airport on Melbourne's outskirts. The demonstrations have highlighted the fact
ACF ozone campaign Nations party to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer are to meet in November in Copenhagen to discuss tougher phase-out schedules for ozone- depleting substances. The Australian Conservation
WOLLONGONG — A fundraising dinner for Green Left Weekly, organised by the Democratic Socialist Party on October 17, was attended by more than 80 people. Pictured in Margaret Perrott, DSP candidate for Throsby in the next federal election. Photo
By Peter Anderson Endangered species legislation now before federal cabinet may still be accepted by environment organisations "with reservations". But if the public's "third-party" rights to challenge development proposals were removed and
WA Inc: more heads to roll? By Rurik Davidson PERTH — The WA Inc Royal Commission's first report, tabled on October 20, is a chronicle of corruption and deceit in high places. Three former premiers — Brian Burke, Peter Dowding and Ray
Chilean indigenous leader tours By Penny Saunders ADELAIDE — Domingo Colicoi, an indigenous leader from Chile, spoke to a meeting on October 22 organised by the 500 years campaign in Adelaide. Colicoi is a representative of the All Lands


Vigil against blockade By Norm Dixon SYDNEY — Fourteen-year-old Kirrallee Gillespie, braving bitterly cold wind and rain, began a lone vigil outside the Papua New Guinea consulate on October 20. She has vowed to remain until PNG's consul
Che's memory honoured By Hans Norebrink LA HIGUERA — Twenty-five years ago, on October 8, the legendary guerilla fighter Che Guevara was killed here by the army. This little village in the mountains in the eastern state of Santa Cruz has
The case for coal By Frank Noakes LONDON — Michael Heseltine, in announcing the axing of 31 pits said that the economic case for their closure was "unanswerable". Most experts disagree. On environmental grounds, also cited by Heseltine,
By Frank Noakes CHESTERFIELD, Derbyshire —"The campaign for peace and justice begins here tonight", left-wing Labour Party MP Tony Benn told a crowd of 10,000 protesters in the market square on the cold Saturday night of October 17. At the
Cuba protests terrorist attack By Gail Reed HAVANA — Cuba issued a protest on October 16 to US authorities an attack on a Varadero beach hotel. Foreign Ministry sources said an official note was handed to the US Interests Section in Havana
By Norm Dixon The existence of the fledgling independent Republic of Bougainville is under grave threat. The Papua New Guinea Defence Force launched a major military push towards the island's capital, Arawa, in the early hours of October 21.
On a visit to Finland, CRAIG CORMICK found local officials seriously concerned about a possible influx of emigrants from Russia. Finland is strengthening its border with Russia to prevent any uncontrolled entry. As winter brings new, and
By Robyn Marshall Mexico City held a huge party for Rigoberta Menchu Tum on October 20, to celebrate her winning of the Nobel Peace Prize. As soon as she heard the announcement, she had gone to Guatemala to speak with the indigenous Indian
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russia's major "new left" political formation, the Party of Labour, held its founding congress here on October 9 and 10. The party was established in the form of an organising committee at the end of August last
Bolivian Indians look to new era By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — With red ponchos under a forest of their rainbow-coloured "Wiphala" flags, Indian peasants from all parts of Bolivia marched into the capital on October 12 to mark the 500th
50,000 march in London By Catherine Brown LONDON — Around Hyde Park on October 21, the many dozens of coaches lining the streets were an indication of the distances many protesters against the pit closures had travelled to be there. Others
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — "We haven't had a single case of a woman being murdered", the head of a Moscow callgirl agency boasted recently to a reporter for the journal Business World. For Russian gangsters dissatisfied with the returns


Oedipus meets Romeo and Juliet Tilaï Written and directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo Starring Rasmane Ouedraogo, Ina Cisse, Roukietou Barry and Assane Ouedraogo Season begins October 30, AFI Cinema, Paddington Reviewed by Norm Dixon Viewers
Sex By Madonna Distributed by William Heinemann Australia. $59.95. Reviewed by Kath Gelber Sex had a huge reputation to live up to. Sold under conditions that ensured its pages would not be exposed in any public arena, its success was
Simple, powerful documentary Blackman's Houses A film directed by Steve Thomas Screened during the Jump Cut Film Festival, at Lumiere and FTI Cinemas Reviewed by Anthony Benbow Blackman's Houses is a documentary filmed on Flinders Island.
The Long Day Closes Written and directed by Terence Davies Kino, Melbourne, early December Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Unlike his acclaimed and equally personal film Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988), Terence Davies' The Long Day Closes,
When the boss is a union What about the workers' workers? VHS cassette Reviewed by Rose McCann This excellent video captures the story of this year's industrial dispute between 34 clerical workers and the management of the NSW branches of
Class Culture — A Play We Wrote Written and directed by Tim Brain and Paul Tassone Reviewed by Rurik Davidson Class Culture is about young people rehearsing a play — Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet — and doing it their way. They have
By Tracy Sorensen "You hope you can have a few screenings of your film, and maybe get it on TV somewhere", says Canadian film maker Mark Achbar. "But for a feature-length documentary on what for many people is an obscure American intellectual
Papalote go bush One of Australia's longest running and most popular Latin American bands, Papalote, are to take audiences from country towns in south-west New South Wales on a rhythmic journey through Latin America. They will introduce


Permanent unemployment The prospect facing up to 2 million people in this country that they might never again have a steady job, or a job at all, is becoming a more and more threatening reality. Last week the Reserve Bank and the Treasury