Greenpeace vessel faces further 10 days arrest


reenpeace vessel faces further 10 days arrest

The Russian authorities interviewing the crew of the Greenpeace vessel solo have asked for a 10-day extension of the boat's arrest.

"The Russian border guard investigating commission has been talking to our crew since they were towed into Tuva Guba (near Murmansk) on October 20", said Greenpeace's Eleonor O'Hanlon in Moscow.

"The boat has been under arrest since Monday last week. It is absolutely inexcusable to request another 10 days of detention", she said.

"The Russians illegally dumped nuclear waste into the sea around the Russian test site Novaya Zemlya for 30 years. The Solo was arrested in international waters whilst attempting to uncover the radioactive damage. Who are the real criminals here?"

Greenpeace has called upon the Russian Foreign Ministry to release the vessel immediately and come clean with information about the nuclear dumping in the Kara Sea.