Comment by Jenny Goldie [This article was written as a reply to an article by Reihana Mohideen, "Immigration and the Environment: Is Australia Overpopulated?", which appeared in our September 23 issue. Jenny Goldie is president of Australians
The Long Day Closes Written and directed by Terence Davies Kino, Melbourne, early December Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Unlike his acclaimed and equally personal film Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988), Terence Davies' The Long Day Closes,
Bring back Pig-iron Bob "If export market intelligence for the region to our north, which I suspect already resides in the defence intelligence organisation, can be made available to Australian Industry on request, and, without going overboard,
WA Inc: more heads to roll? By Rurik Davidson PERTH — The WA Inc Royal Commission's first report, tabled on October 20, is a chronicle of corruption and deceit in high places. Three former premiers — Brian Burke, Peter Dowding and Ray
Final farewell to Jim Percy SYDNEY — Though it was a sad occasion, there was still a hopeful spirit among the large crowd of comrades, friends and associates who gathered at Woronora cemetery on Saturday, October 17, to bid a final farewell
MELBOURNE — The campaign to defend the Austudy Five has called for supporters to rally from 9.30 a.m. at Brunswick Magistrates Court on November 2 and November 23. The five, members of the International Socialist Organisation arrested after an
Chilean indigenous leader tours By Penny Saunders ADELAIDE — Domingo Colicoi, an indigenous leader from Chile, spoke to a meeting on October 22 organised by the 500 years campaign in Adelaide. Colicoi is a representative of the All Lands
50,000 march in London By Catherine Brown LONDON — Around Hyde Park on October 21, the many dozens of coaches lining the streets were an indication of the distances many protesters against the pit closures had travelled to be there. Others
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — "We haven't had a single case of a woman being murdered", the head of a Moscow callgirl agency boasted recently to a reporter for the journal Business World. For Russian gangsters dissatisfied with the returns
Che's memory honoured By Hans Norebrink LA HIGUERA — Twenty-five years ago, on October 8, the legendary guerilla fighter Che Guevara was killed here by the army. This little village in the mountains in the eastern state of Santa Cruz has
Class Culture — A Play We Wrote Written and directed by Tim Brain and Paul Tassone Reviewed by Rurik Davidson Class Culture is about young people rehearsing a play — Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet — and doing it their way. They have
By Tracy Sorensen "You hope you can have a few screenings of your film, and maybe get it on TV somewhere", says Canadian film maker Mark Achbar. "But for a feature-length documentary on what for many people is an obscure American intellectual
Tracking toxic plumes By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Fred Millar's specialty is tracking the likely paths of toxic plumes. As director of US Friends of the Earth toxics project, he has been involved in many campaigns, including one that jolted
By Patricia Horn "The United States will have a third party", says Tony Mazzocchi, a founder of Labor Party Advocates and secretary-treasurer of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union. Is he right? Are the times right for a third party?
By Steven Hiatt A week before the US elections, the Democratic presidential ticket of Bill Clinton and Al Gore maintains a 15% lead in national polls over Republican incumbents George Bush and Dan Quayle, while the Ross Perot's revived
Philippines solidarity network to be established By Max Lane SYDNEY — Solidarity Philippines Australia Network — SPAN — is to be established as a result of the "Philippines 100 Years of Struggle 100 Years of Solidarity" conference held


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