Cuba protests terrorist attack


Cuba protests terrorist attack

By Gail Reed

HAVANA — Cuba issued a protest on October 16 to US authorities an attack on a Varadero beach hotel. Foreign Ministry sources said an official note was handed to the US Interests Section in Havana after Cuban exile commandos fired shots at the Hotel Melia from an offshore speedboat on October 7.

No-one has been arrested by US law enforcement agencies, despite the fact that the "Comandos L" terrorist group, based in Florida, told the Miami Herald it was responsible for the attack on the hotel, which it called a "military objective".

In the last year, this is the third infiltration publicly claimed by "Comandos L", which has vowed to continue the attacks and to "sow panic" on the island. Last December, a heavily armed three-man hit squad was arrested after making it ashore.

In August, Cuban representatives at the United Nations protested over the continuing Florida-based terrorism against Cuba, and referred to a second "Comandos L" attempt in July, in which four would-be terrorists were rescued by a US Coast Guard cutter, which penetrated Cuban waters to make the pick-up — carrying the men and their weapons back to safety in the US. None were arrested.

The statement, presented to the UN Security Council in August by ambassador Carlos Zamora, accused Washington of promoting, encouraging and tolerating the terrorist actions.

There have been no arrests made in the latest case, and a US State Department official — who requested anonymity — said the FBI is "looking into the matter".
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