ACF ozone campaign


ACF ozone campaign

Nations party to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer are to meet in November in Copenhagen to discuss tougher phase-out schedules for ozone-

depleting substances.

The Australian Conservation Foundation is concerned that Australia is among the countries that will not support a stronger stance on early phase-out. It organised a National Ozone Phone/Fax day on October 26 to pressure the government to improve its stand before the November meeting.

ACF global change officer Carrie Sonneborn says, "Australia has been a leader in the ozone debate. It now appears to be adopting a lowest-common-denominator, consensus approach. This seems to confirm that the current Australian Government has scant commitment to environment and development concerns."

The ACF is urging people to fax letters or ring the office of Ros Kelly (Ph (06) 277 7640, fax (06) 273 4130) and of the Association of Fluorocarbon Consumers and Manufacturers (Ph (06) 273 1592, fax (06) 274 4990) to voice their concerns about ozone depletion.