Philippines solidarity network to be established


Philippines solidarity network to be established

By Max Lane

SYDNEY — Solidarity Philippines Australia Network — SPAN — is to be established as a result of the "Philippines 100 Years of Struggle 100 Years of Solidarity" conference held here on the October 17-18 weekend.

The conference was attended by more than 100 people, including many from the Filipino community in Australia and a delegation from the Philippines.

The conference adopted a Statement of Principles as the basis of unity for SPAN. The statement emphasised that both the Filipino people's struggle and solidarity with it in Australia are part of a broad international movement for justice and peace. It also called for support for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, other indigenous peoples and all Third World national liberation movements.

The conference statement also set out that solidarity work should proceed on the basis of dialogue and shared commitments between the movement in the Philippines and activists in Australia. Programs of actions should be worked out at conferences and consultations within a framework of needs and priorities identified by the popular movement in the Philippines.

Between conferences, the Centre for Philippines Concerns — Australia will be the national coordinator for information, organisation of campaigns and ongoing links with the Philippines. For further information contact (02) 559 5209.