Che's memory honoured


Che's memory honoured

By Hans Norebrink

LA HIGUERA — Twenty-five years ago, on October 8, the legendary guerilla fighter Che Guevara was killed here by the army. This little village in the mountains in the eastern state of Santa Cruz has since become a place of pilgrimage.

For the popular movement, Che Guevara symbolises the dream of a Latin America free of US domination. Therefore, the marking of the anniversary of his death was an important part of the 500 years commemoration. In addition to the local peasants, miners, students, teachers and representatives from 16 countries came to La Higuera this year.

For the military and the upper class, Che Guevara was "a threat to the sovereignty of Bolivia", and they celebrate their victory over him, this year with ceremonies in Santa Cruz and La Paz.

A group of soldiers also went to La Higuera and stole the bust of Che. But artists present quickly made a new one, using cement donated by the local peasants.

The peasant union was represented at the gathering by national leader Ciro Rivas, who was born and raised in La Higuera and who remembers as a child seeing the body of the murdered Che.