Issue 471


BY SARAH STEPHEN In the days before the November 10 federal election, the Australian government's punitive policy toward asylum seekers began to backfire on the Coalition government. A wave of former prime ministers, former Labor and Liberal
BY ALISON DELLIT Watching Kim Beazley fall on his sword on November 10, I was struck by how incongruous this was. Just six months ago, it appeared inconceivable that John Howard could lead the Coalition parties into a third term of government with
BY BELINDA SELKE WOLLONGONG — It was standing room only in Wollongong Town Hall at a public forum organised by the Refugee Action Collective on November 8, as more than 300 people were addressed by Labor MHR for Cunningham Stephen Martin, Iraqi
BY ALISON DELLIT "We stood up for our principles against the power of the major parties and we have stood tall", indigenous activist Sam Watson, the lead Senate candidate for the Socialist Alliance in Queensland, told the alliance's Brisbane
BY CHRISTOPHER PERKINS WOLLONGONG — The year-long Illawarra TAFE library industrial dispute came to an end on November 1 with the signing of a dispute resolution agreement that restricts temporary staffing arrangements across the Illawarra
BY NADEEM ANSARI CANBERRA — More than 500 people turned out on November 4 to demand an end to the war on refugees in a protest organised by the Refugee Action Collective. First to address the crowd was Wadjularbinna from the Aboriginal Tent
Public sector workers call 24-hour strike PERTH — One thousand public sector workers protested outside Parliament House on November 8 as part of a "fair and equal pay" campaign. The Community and Public Sector Union/Civil Service Association has


BY SEAN HEALY Ever watched a mouse run around and around on a treadmill? Well, that's the position of workers under the terms of "free trade" agreements — except rather than one mouse per treadmill, it's billions of us, all competing against each
In violation of the terms of the Geneva Convention, the United States government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply during and after the 1991 Gulf War, Defense Intelligence Agency documents have revealed.
The regroupment of the revolutionary left in the Philippines has taken a great leap forward, with the August announcement by the Sosyalistang Partido ng Paggawa (SPP, Socialist Party of Labour) and the Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipina (PMP,
BY MAX LANE Leaders of a militant union, including former political prisoner Dita Sari, have been arrested by Indonesian police during a crackdown on striking workers. One thousand workers from fifteen branches of the Matahari Putra Prima
BY FIDEL CASTRO [The following is an abridged version of the first part of a nationally televised address given on November 2 by Cuban President Fidel Castro.] To characterise the current situation, one could say, by way of a very brief summary,
BY SEAN HEALY While many trade unionists are embracing the need for greater global solidarity and interconnection, there are still some who want a return to the old protectionism, albeit under a new guise. The International Confederation of Free


Freelance photographer John Immig has an eye for the unusual and the militant in his series of recent photographs documenting the rise of new anti-war movement. While some of his shots will be featured in coming issues of Green Left Weekly, they are
Iranian Filmmaker Tahmineh Milani faces execution if convicted in her trial in Tehran. Milani was arrested on the orders of Iran's Revolutionary Council as she was promoting the film The Hidden Half, which she wrote and directed. The Hidden Half
BY SARAH KNOPP "We'd like to take this time to remind all Americans in this time of hardship that 33 News coverage of 'America Strikes Back' is brought to you by Nike, who would like to remind all freedom-loving, brave American soldiers to 'Just Do


The re-election of Prime Minister John Howard's Coalition government in the November 10 federal poll was the result of resurgence of anti-Arab racism and xenophobia, whipped up by the government and the corporate media. This has been used to justify


BY MICHAEL KARADJIS Following the September 11 World Trade Center atrocity, the US produced a list of countries which allegedly "harbour terrorists" or where "terrorists" have bases. In the Balkans the list consisted of Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI The US-led war against the people of Afghanistan places a big responsibility on student activists. This new imperialist offensive is likely to be a long one, resulting in massive human and ecological costs. Our task is to build
BY EVA CHENG United States pro-war "hawks" are fast lining their pockets from the war on Afghanistan — including a company linked to President Bush. With high stakes in extensive war-related investments, the Carlyle Group is one company that
BY PETER ROBSON& TROY SAXBY "I really feel that it's not our problem. They call it an act of terrorism, but if you understand the religion and our life, it's not about terrorism — it's about fighting for God's laws, and America's brought it upon
[The following statement is being circulated throughout the union movement.] We share the horror of people around the world and condemn the terror attacks in the US on September 11. The killing of almost 7000 people, including many trade unionists,
BY EVA CHENG As Washington's war against Afghanistan neared the end of its first month, US President George Bush raised the stakes by introducing the highly lethal 6800-kilogram "Daisy Cutter" bomb. "Like a nuclear weapon without the fallout" is
BY SUE BOLTON Since September 11, many Muslims and migrants from South Asia and the Middle East have copped racist abuse, and even violence, on the street. But that's not the end of it: many have even suffered harassment from workmates or
BY JOHN PILGER LONDON — The war against terrorism is a fraud. After three weeks' bombing, not a single terrorist implicated in the attacks on America has been caught or killed in Afghanistan. Instead, one of the poorest, most stricken nations has
Noam Chomsky, a longtime political activist, writer, and professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the author of numerous books and articles on US foreign policy, international affairs, and human rights. He was