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BY JIM GREEN Labor and the Democrats united with the Coalition to vote down Greens amendments to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Bill in the Senate throughout the first week of October, even though the unamended bill will accelerate
BY SUE BOLAND The federal Coalition government, with support from Labor, plans to rush through parliament amendments to the Electoral Act which will make it virtually impossible to register a new political party — unless it has plenty of money.
The Palestinian community and other supporters of Palestinians' right to peace and justice mobilised in rallies around Australia over the last week to demand that the Australian government call on Israel stop the killings of Palestinians. Ray
BY RON BAKER National conferences are usually the domain of well-established organisations with various reasons to hold a gathering of the faithful. Little on the agenda and a lot on the bill seems to be a common outcome. Conferences claiming to
BY GEOFF FRANCIS HOBART — There's nothing new about cuts to health care and hospital closures in Tasmania — successive governments have been at it for at least a decade. What is different about Labor Premier Jim Bacon's latest planned closure
BY JEREMY SMITH& DANIEL JARDINE MELBOURNE — "Finally I can say we are the industry union", said a triumphant Carolyn Allport, the president of the National Tertiary Education Industry Union, of a decision by the Australian Industrial Relations
BY ARUN PRADHAN MELBOURNE — It was pressure from within his own party, rather than the stated logistical difficulties, which forced Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks to cancel a planned barbecue to thank police officers for their efforts
BY ARUN PRADHAN MELBOURNE — Plans are under way here for what is hoped will be the largest and most spirited Green Left Weekly dinner that this city has seen for years. The November 18 event, dubbed "N18", will celebrate recent mass protests in
GEELONG — After seven weeks on strike, the maintenance crew at the Godfrey Hirst carpet factory here have won a 15% pay increase. They have also won significant guarantees of financial security, should the company sell its maintenance arm to labour
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — As the picket line at the Arrowcrest-owned Brownbuilt factory here entered its fourth week, community activists and other unionists supporting the Brownbuilt workers targeted other sites owned by Arrowcrest. At ROH
Victorian teachers offered sham agreement BY NORRIAN RUNDLE & MICHAEL O'REILLY MELBOURNE — After seven years of working under no certified agreement on pay and conditions, Victorian teachers have finally been offered one — but it
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS BRISBANE — The S11 protests were a massive success but there was much to learn from it for future efforts. That was the consensus of an S11 Alliance-sponsored public meeting held here on October 4, entitled "S11: After the
BY DANIEL KELLY SYDNEY — Two hundred members of the Maritime Union of Australia's central NSW branch have backed a sacked union delegate at P&O Port Botany, Dave Hauser, and called on the union's national officials to support his unfair dismissal


The rise to power in Serbia of Vojislav Kostunica may have somewhat ironic effects on the region. Western governments were aiming for a "palace coup" against President Slobodan Milosevic so as to keep intact much of the regime, which represents the
Despite the end of the Cold War, United States military, economic and political intervention around the world continues to increase, while at home the military budget consumes the hopes for a radical reordering of economic priorities. The idea of a
JERUSALEM — The following statement was issued on October 2 by the Union of Youth Activities Centers — Palestine, in response to the Israeli military's brutal attacks on Palestinians protesting against their repression in the occupied
As the Israeli military launched its war on the Palestinian masses protesting against the killings of Palestinians following Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon's provocative visit to the al-Aqsa mosque on September 28, Arabs in Israel took to the
JOHANNESBURG — As part of the global protests to coincide with the September 26 (S26) protests in Prague against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, more than 300 activists from numerous South African political and community
Protests by tens of thousands of workers and students have rocked Indonesia since the government of President Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Sukarnoputri, under pressure from international creditors, decreed an average 12% increase in the price of
Indonesians commemorate killings BANDAR LAMPUNG — Students from campuses around the city rallied and marched on September 28 to mark the first anniversary of the murder of two students, Yusuf Rizal and Saidatul Fitria, by the military during a
Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people took to the streets of Serbia last week. Belgrade was blocked with contingents from all over the country: Cacak, Kraljevo, Kragujevax, Nis and other such working-class centres which led the
So advanced is Cuba's national health system, in spite of the strictures of poverty and a US economic embargo, that a child born there will live a longer healthy life than a poor child born in the world's richest country. Even a nation as wealthy as
As Israel's military forces continue to use indiscriminate and excessive force against Palestinian civilians, protests against Israel's crimes and in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been taking place around the world. In Europe, daily
PORT MORESBY — Human rights lawyer and Melanesian Solidarity (Melsol) activist Powes Parkop has warned that West Papua will soon erupt into a more explosive and bloodier war than East Timor. The Papua New Guinea government must deal with the West
Lesbian and gay groups and civil liberties organisations have expressed outrage at threats made by Namibia's home affairs minister, Jerry Ekandjo, on September 30. Addressing a graduation ceremony for police officers in Ondangwa, Ekandjo urged them
Fiji's military-backed interim administration plans to impose draconian new laws to counter the Fiji trade union movement's appeals for international solidarity for the democracy struggle. The regime, placed in power by the military during the coup
PRAGUE — In the city of Kafka, hundreds of international visitors have been left wondering about the precise name of their crime, after the Czech police began a policy of random arrest following the global day of action against the World Bank and
BY SEAN HEALY There were no major announcements, no new policy initiatives, all the drama was outside with the protesters, and the meetings finished a full day early. Nevertheless, when the annual meetings of the World Bank and International
Last week, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency was appointed chairperson of a "trilateral commission" to save the Middle East "peace process". While the appointment is apparently acceptable to both Palestine Authority head Yasser Arafat
The nurse holds the X-ray up to the light, and the bullet that lodged in Mohammed Abu Faress' chest comes into focus, along with bright shards of shattered bone. "A few inches either way and he would have been dead", says Ahmed al-Jabali. Amid the
A new web site has been set up to distribute information about the current crisis in Palestine and build international solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for justice. It is the September 2000 Clashes Information Center at
MAPUTO — In a stunning turn-around, Mozambique's ministry of environment announced on September 29 that they were no longer considering the Danish International Development Agency's (Danida) plan to convert a local cement kiln into a hazardous
HAVANA — In contrast to almost all other governments in the world, including Australia and United States, the Cuban government condemned on October 3 the "barbaric acts" of Israeli troops against Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem, the West Bank
BY DOROTHY FLYNN South African musician and "People's Poet" Mzwakhe Mbuli — jailed on trumped up charges of armed robbery — attended a hearing of the Amnesty Commission of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Pretoria on September 18. The
Oil giant Anglo-Dutch Shell in September lost its appeal to prevent a jury hearing a multi-million dollar civil suit in New York. The case, brought against Shell by Nigerian exiles, charges Shell with aiding and abetting the torture and murder of


BY KATHY NEWNAM ADELAIDE — Green Left Weekly will present a cultural evening as part of Feast, Adelaide's annual lesbian and gay cultural festival. "Dance Proud, Fuck Safe, Make Revolution" will include a screening of Stonewall, a film about the
Ginsberg: A BiographyBy Barry MilesVirgin, 2000627 pp., $24.95 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON He "ruined a great many young people" with his 1956 poem, "Howl", with its "glorification of madness, drugs and homosexuality, and its contempt and hatred
Harry's Gone FishingLeon RosselsonGadfly Records at <> REVIEW BY BILL NEVINS Wry socialist-anarchism with a sharp historical eye and a taste for good, strong melody: that's the reputation of Leon Rosselson,
BY MAD COW Imagine for a moment being a cow with many years of loyal service, owned by a tough but fair owner. Then the farmer unfortunately passes away. The ownership of the farm is then passed over to the son who looks at the farm and says, "We
BY BILL NEVINS SANTA FE, New Mexico — "An Indian President!", shouted Robert Mirabal, fist clenched, buckskin and long black hair flying. "That's just one of my crazy, crazy ideas. But why not, people?". The Taos Pueblo native is leading his
BY GEOFF FRANCIS & PETER HICKS Tasmanian nurses are fighting back after the state Labor government, under Premier Jim Bacon, closed another hospital, costing 50 jobs. Labor health minister Judy Jackson has announced that she will personally cross
By Erin Cameron ROCKHAMPTON — The Reclaim the Night committee and Green Left Weekly held a successful joint feminist film afternoon on October 1, part of a series of events organised in the lead-up to this year's Reclaim the Night march. Twenty


Ask yourself this: what has a government budget surplus ever done for you? Has it given you good quality, prompt, free dental care? If you're a parent, has it provided free, around-the-clock child-care? Has it given you high quality public


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