United States: Thousands rally for peace and against US imperialism

National march on Washington. Image: @BreakthroughNews

On the 20th anniversary of the United States invasion of Iraq, thousands of peace and antiwar activists rallied in Washington DC to call for negotiations to end the US-led NATO-backed escalation of the Ukrainian‒Russian conflict.

The event was sponsored by more than 200 organisations and individuals, calling for an end to US militarism and connecting struggles around the world. Besides major sponsors like ANSWER coalition, CodePink, United National Antiwar Coalition, Black Alliance for Peace and Veteran's for Peace — numerous organisations representing the interests of oppressed and exploited peoples around the world who have been direct victims of US imperialism had speakers and contingents.

The demonstration connected struggles from the occupation of Palestine to Indigenous peoples struggles in the US, including in Hawaii. Notable speakers included: Margaret Kimberly of Black Agenda Report, New York Green Party and Black Alliance for Peace; African People's Socialist Party leader Omali Yeshitela; members of the “Tampa Bay 4” — University of South Florida students arrested for protesting; members of the new Students for a Democratic Society; and Gabriel Shipton — brother of Julian Assange.

A video of the protest can be viewed here.