Refugees continue sit-in for permanent visas

Aline speaks at the refugee sit-in outside the immigration department on November 15. Photo: Chris Slee

A group of Iranian refugees are continuing their round-the-clock sit-in outside the Immigration Department. They began the protest on November 3.

With the support of the Refugee Action Collective, they held a speak-out on November 15.

Aline, the Rwandan-born wife of Iranian refugee Omid, said her husband had suffered permanent injuries as a result of torture by the Iranian regime.

After fleeing Iran, he eventually reached Australia. He was detained on Christmas Island and in Darwin. His medical needs were neglected while in detention.

No longer detained, Omid is working as a cleaner. He and Aline have a two-year-old child. However, their short-term visas make it impossible for them to plan for the future.

“We can't live any more, not knowing what the future holds,” said Aline. She criticised the Labor government for its “broken promises”.