Peter Boyle, a member of the national executive of the Socialist Alliance and regular correspondent for Green Left addressed a forum on December 6 at the Resistance Centre on the topic: "What is behind US support for Israel?"

The forum discussed the Australian government's support for Israel and its complicity in Israel's genocidal war on Gaza.

Union leader Christy Cain called on Labor and ACTU leaders to work for a ceasefire at the Palestine solidarity rally.

Refugee rights activists again made a call for Labor to bring refugees held in offshore detention to safety. Chris Slee reports.

Merri-bek councillor Sue Bolton believes councils can and should play a role in defending and extending public housing. Jordan AK reports.

Around 70 residents crammed into a room at the Flemington Estate to discuss the Victorian government’s plans to demolish all 44 high-rise public housing flats. Sue Bolton reports.

Police have dropped charges against eight refugee supporters who participated in a car cavalcade on April 10, 2020. Chris Slee reports.

As many as 3000 students and teachers abandoned school — against the Victorian government’s directive — to publicly criticise Israel’s actions in occupied Palestine. Tamer Fletcher Kayhan and Sturt Boltin report.

For the second time, hundreds marched on Labor MP Peter Khalil’s electorate office in Wills to demand he support a ceasefire. Chloe DS reports.

The University of Melbourne Palestine Action Group held a speak-out against Israel’s war crimes on the campus. Daniel Weber reports.

Campaigners presented a petition calling on Labor to fulfil its human rights obligations to install accessible tram stops along Sydney Road. Darren Saffin reports.

Scientists have criticised Australia for continuing to approve fossil fuels. As Labor does not listen, students need to stand up, a climate striker said after disrupting parliament. Chloe DS reports.

Merri-bek council condemned Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, called for a ceasefire, an end to the siege of Gaza, and for Labor to end political, military and diplomatic ties with Israel. Chloe DS reports.