GREEN LEFT TV: The Bosses are Bastards at Hungry Jacks


The Adelaide protest, part of a nationwide action around Australia organised by socialist youth group Resistance.

Hungry Jacks, called Burger King in New Zealand, has been on a vicious anti-union worker rampage in New Zealand, paying pathetic wages then threatening young workers who dare to join the Unite union and organise for better pay and conditions.

In Australia, Hungry Jacks are part of a cartel of the biggest and most profitable food corporations who are trying to take away weekend penalty rates. Hungry Jacks pays young workers as little as $8.21 an hour. Despite making millions of dollars in profits, Hungry Jacks wants to strip these lowly paid workers of the little entitlements they still have.

Resistance called for a livable wage, defend union rights, defend penalty rates, and solidarity with fellow fast food workers and Unite members in New Zealand.

Film by Samantha Kocinek for Green Left TV.