Occupy Wall Street organising for May Day general strike

Sixty thousand people marched on Madison, Wisconsin on March 10 to mark the one-year anniversary of the passage of Governor Scott Walker's drastic dismantling of collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Last year, Walker's attacks on labour rights sparked huge protests. Hundreds of thousands occupied the Wisconsin capital building. Their actions prefigured Occupy Wall Street and inspired countless others to take a stand against economic inequality, political injustice, and the tyranny of the 1% enforced through politicians and banksters.

This is just one example of people across the globe resisting attacks on the 99%. This year, there has been the largest-ever strike on record in India, hundreds of thousands marching for democracy in Bahrain and general strikes in Montreal. In Spain, students once again occupied public space in protest of the austerity measures and spending cuts being enforced by the European banking elite, huge uprisings in the streets of Moscow, and more.

Even in the United States, the movement grows. The corporate media claims Occupy's strength is waning, but they are merely in denial. During the coldest months of this year, the US has already seen more revolutionary momentum than it has in decades.

This winter, Occupy refocused its energies on fostering ties with local communities, saving homes from corrupt banks and jobs from greedy corporations, and building and expanding horizontal infrastructure.

This #GlobalSpring, people will take the streets again. On May 1, Occupy Wall Street has called for a general strike. It calls on everyone who supports the cause of economic justice and true democracy to take part: no work, no school, no housework, no shopping, no banking — and most importantly, take the streets!

[Reprinted from Occupy Wall Street..]


OWS is declining everywhere, and to state otherwise is to deny what is freely available on the internet.