Green Left Show #3: Big Tech versus democracy

February 7, 2021

This episode of the Green Left Show focuses on big tech, the government's proposed media code, Google's threat to abandon Australia, the Greens' proposal for a publicly-owned search engine and the debate around online free speech.

Guests are: Lizzie O'Shea (lawyer, writer and chair of Digital Rights Watch); Aleks Wansbrough (author of Capitalism and the Enchanted Screen, Myths and Allegories of the Digital Age) and Gauri Gandbhir (activist and writer with Green Left).

Read more about the proposed media code.

Discussion points: Understanding the media code [2:00]; government funding for media [7:18]; Greens' proposal for publicly owned search engine [10:45]; arguments against publicly owned search [17:59]; breaking up big tech vs public ownership [29:35]; free speech and social media [34:40]; "free speech" and the far right [45:27]; on politicians [54:12].