Lizzie O'Shea

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Digital rights activist and author Lizzie O’Shea discusses gambling reform.

Data privacy, digital rights, gambling reform and more on the Green Left Show with Lizzie O'Shea and Suzanne James.

This episode of the Green Left Show features Gauri Gandbhir, Lizzie O'Shea and Aleks Wansbrough focuses on the government's proposed media code, Google's threat to abandon Australia and the debate around online free speech.

Technological advancement is not just about intelligent design, clever cryptography or brilliant coding; it’s also a function of power. To make technology work for people, we need to take this power back and demand that the development of technology involve social, political and ethical considerations.

Assange Truth poster in the style of Shepard Fairey's 'Hope' artwork.

The open letter below was originally published at the ABC's The Drum Unleashed.