Anzac Day By Karl-Erik Paasonen I've seen the diggers marching under flapping flags Flanked by police on repression-trained nags And when I think of what it means my jaw just sags And I want to march on Anzac Day Cos I've done
Critical Realism: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Roy Bhaskar By Andrew Collier Verso, 1994 Plato Etc: The Problems of Philosophy and their Resolution By Roy Bhaskar Verso, 1994 Reviewed by Neville Spencer The philosophical
Nice effort, but why? People: Hard Hitting Women SBS TV Friday, June 9, 8.30pm (8 Adelaide) "People enjoy seeing the excitement of a fight" in any sport, claim the organisers of the first women's British boxing championships. Those who
By Bronwen Beechey The 44th Melbourne International Film Festival begins on June 8, screening more than 200 films from 28 countries. The centenary of cinema will be a theme of the festival, which will begin with a restored print and newly
Book cover - The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer

HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) has reprinted the classic The Emperor Wears No Clothes and has added an Australian supplement, Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy in Australia.

The Private Life of Chairman Mao: the inside story of the man who made modern China By Zhisui Li London: Chatto and Windus, 1994. 682 pp., $19.95 Reviewed by Eva Cheng Official history often only tells half truth and leaves out what the
A moving tale, told in music Oh My God I'm Black! Devised by Maryanne Sam, Irine Vela and Patricia Cornelius Performed by Maryanne Sam and Irine Vela Budinski's Theatre, Carlton, until June 10 Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Melbourne
Taking up where World War II left off The Secrets of Porton Down The Cutting Edge, SBS TV Tuesday, June 6 8.30pm (8pm SA) Reviewed by Sean Moysey World War II produced some horrible weapons: napalm, nuclear bombs, guided rockets, fire
Ding Zilin is the mother of Chiang Jielian, a 17-year-old student who was among the hundreds massacred in Tienanmen Square six years ago, on June 4, 1989. Chinese officials branded the pro-democracy protests "counter-revolutionary" and claimed that
By Willie Wahlin SYDNEY — Anyone who has been to a session of Brackets and Jam will already be familiar with the lively, sweaty, loud and happy atmosphere that is created every Monday night. For those who have not, you are in for a feast of
City in the country By Phil Patterson ORANGE — Hard-edged urban theatre comes to country NSW with Sparky, a new play by Corinne Staas showing at the Civic Theatre Forum here in June and July. Sparky is about domestic violence, youth
Dili November 1991 By Egas Alves Today in my city the sky to be cloudy To turn off in the view of the sunrise The town apparently to be with sadness What melancholy will appear to the people who are living there? Today in my