Spain: Anti-austerity Podemos would win if elections held now, poll finds


Spain's left-wing Podemos party would win a general election if it were held today, a Metroscopa poll released on April 12 found. General elections are scheduled for December.

Podemos, which was founded in January last year, came first with the support of 22.1% of those questioned. The opposition Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) regained lost ground to come second with 21.9% of the vote. The ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) would come third with 20.8% of the vote.

The left-leaning Podemos party has quickly gained support in Spain, as the country's economy has been a big concern for its citizens and politicians across the political spectrum since the global economic and social crisis broke out in 2008.

In contrast, Spain's traditional two-party system is facing criticism due to high-profile corruption allegations, economic stagnation and record-high unemployment of almost 25%.

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