Pakistan: May Day marches protest attacks on civil liberties

May Day rally in Kamalia. Photo by Tony Iltis.

At May Day rallies it organised or took part in throughout Pakistan, the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) highlighted the cases of members and supporters facing “anti-terror” courts. These include the Faisalabad 6, serving long sentences for leading a 2010 power loom workers strike and 12 power loom workers currently facing the Anti-Terror courts in Karachi for union organising.

Particular emphasis was put on Baba Jan, the LPP organiser in Gilgit-Baltistan facing the Anti-Terror courts for protests demanding compensation for victims of the 2010 floods and landslides in Hunza, who was brutally beaten and tortured on April 28.

As well as rallies in big cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Karachi, the LPP organised protests in a number of smaller towns.

In Kamalia and Toba Tek Singh, May Day rallies were held for the first time ever. LPP leader Farooq Tariq is standing for election in Toba Tek Singh in upcoming national elections.