Issue 456


BY EWAN SAUNDERS BRISBANE — Plans are well underway for a mass people's march and convergence on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in October after more than 30 anti-corporate, environmental, indigenous and social justice activists
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS "At the beginning of the Aston by-election campaign, Socialist Alliance had one member in the electorate of Aston," the alliance's Aston campaign coordinator David Glanz told a post-election Socialist Alliance celebration on July
BY SARAH STEPHEN SYDNEY — Oleg and Nicolae Cujba, two cousins from Moldova, arrived in Australia on October 13 for what they hoped would be a pleasant holiday. Instead, after being questioned at the airport by officials from the Department of
BY JEREMY SMITH The campaign by the National Tertiary Education Union to defend sacked University of Wollongong academic Ted Steele went to the Federal Court on July 5. The union claims the dismissal breaches the university's enterprise agreement;
BY JIM MCILROY BRISBANE — The announcement on July 8 by Queensland federal MP Bob Katter that he was resigning from the federal National Party has sent shock waves through the Coalition parties. Katter denied he was deserting a "sinking ship",
Amcor workers win MELBOURNE — Workers at the three Melbourne plants of Amcor Packaging returned to work on July 6 after a successful 15-day strike against unsafe working conditions, compulsory redundancies and management arrogance. The strike
BY PAUL BENEDEK SYDNEY — "When the boss wanted orders to stop us picketing, it took less than a day. But we are now into our seventh week without pay, after being unfairly sacked, and still there is no decision." Seventy-two sacked Metroshelf
BY KYLIE MOON ASTON — More than 150 people attended a July 8 forum to discuss environmental issues in the July 14 Aston by-election. The forum was organised by The Wilderness Society (TWS) and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).
Activists protest global warming MELBOUURNE — The Melbourne and Geelong offices of ExxonMobil were the targets of an international day of protest against global warming and climate change on July 11. More than 30 people, many dressed as
BY STUART MARTIN WOLLONGONG - Unions have launched a campaign to improve pay and conditions for call centre workers, protesting outside the Stellar call centre on July 12. The campaign is in part a response to the continuing victimisation of
BY SHANE BENTLEY NEWCASTLE — Friday July 13 was an unlucky day for federal defence minister Peter Reith. Newcastle business leaders were not the only people he met at the Forgacs Dockyard in Carrington. More than 100 Forgacs workers, members of
Founding conference approaches Socialist Alliance will hold a founding national conference in Melbourne on August 4-5. The conference will adopt a platform and constitution for the alliance, and discuss the coming federal elections. Vigorous
BY MELANIE SJOBERG Have you wondered why the supermarket shelves are looking a little thin in the yoghurt section lately? Food multinational Nestle, which supplies the bulk of yoghurt products to supermarkets, locked 100 workers out of its Echuca


BY JON LAND Three activists from the Acehnese Democratic Peoples Resistance Front were detained by police in Banda Aceh on July 11 during a protest against the United States-based company ExxonMobil. The three activists — Kautsar, chairperson
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS Anti-corporate protesters are planning huge protests when heads of government of the Group of Eight (G8) leading industrial powers come to the Italian port city of Genoa on July 20. The peaceful civil disobedience actions,
BY PHIL HEARSE LONDON — The recently concluded triangular one-day cricket competition between England, Pakistan and Australia was noticeable for two things. First, as expected, Australia thrashed both the other sides. Second, the British press,
BY MICHAEL KARADJIS In a case of breathtaking hypocrisy, a court controlled by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has put on trial for war crimes the former leader of a country against which NATO itself committed war crimes. No US or other
The left-wing Labour Party of Pakistan has polled well in the latest round of local elections, winning 21 councillors' positions in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi, the country's largest cities, and garnering 29,000 votes across the country. While
BY EVA CHENG Malaysia's prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, in power for 20 years, has turned increasingly to a notorious repressive law, in a desperate attempt to crush rising internal dissent. Enacted in 1960, the Internal Security Act allows for
BY SEAN HEALY The military regime which has ruled Burma for nearly 40 years may be about to not only release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest but form a power-sharing government with her party, the National League for
@box text intr = Dear friends, we are writing this letter to you in response to the request from the Socialist Party of Timor (PST) for financial assistance in the upcoming elections for the constituent assembly in East Timor. The elections
SAN FRANCISCO - In a small victory for legal immigrants, the US Supreme Court weakened a series of laws adopted by Congress in 1996 that limited the rights of foreign-born legal residents. The decisions by a narrow 5 to 4 margin means the immigration
BY SEAN HEALY While their press secretaries will no doubt come up with a headline-grabbing figure to spin it otherwise, the leaders of the world's eight largest industrialised economies are preparing to ignore worldwide calls to "drop the debt" at
BY NORM DIXON JOHANNESBURG — A political publicity stunt by the Pan Africanist Congress has snowballed into a major confrontation between homeless and land hungry people and the African National Congress government. The failure of the ANC to
BY PATRICK BOND& KAREN BAKKER VANCOUVER — The July 5-8 Blue Planet conference opened with a call by Maude Barlow to promote "a global water revolution". Barlow, chairperson of the Council of Canadians — a 100,000-member citizens' group, added:


Fallout: Hedley Marston and the British Bomb Tests in AustraliaBy Roger CrossWakefield Press, 2001187 pages, $24.95 (pb) REVIEW BY JIM GREEN Fallout recounts the story of the cabal of British and Australian politicians, bureaucrats and scientists
How To Take An Exam... And Remake The WorldBy Bertell OllmanBlack Rose Books, 2001191 pp, US$19.99 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON How's this for the dream exam! There is one paper consisting of just 10 true/false questions. You know the correct


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