Issue 27


Pro-choice activists beaten

By Rose McCann

SYDNEY — A group of women and men from pro-choice organisations were beaten up by anti-abortion thugs here on September 8.

At the well-attended pro-abortion rally here on September 7, a demonstration against...

Bite in SA budget

By Anne Pavy

ADELAIDE — Despite being described as "almost mild" by current Australian standards, the SA budget delivered by Premier-Treasurer John Bannon on August 29 will have a nasty bite for many people.

Government spending will be...

By Col Hesse

SYDNEY — Openness, public participation and environmental protection are among the key issues being pushed by a range of progressive candidates in the local council elections to be held across NSW on September 14.

These issues have had an increasing...

By Brad Farmer

GOLD COAST — Australia's favorite holiday beach, Surfers Paradise, could soon be named "Sewers Paradise" if protests against a $23 million ocean outfall pipeline are ignored.

Queensland environment minister Pat "Rubber Stamp" Comben and Gold Coast...

MELBOURNE — The Victorian Secondary Teachers Association and the Federated Teachers Union of Victoria decided on September 6 to step up their industrial campaigns against the loss of 2000 jobs. There will be a full-day stoppage on September 12, rolling regional stop-works, bans...

By Lisa Schofield

WOLLONGONG — Under the slogan of "Wollongong — Clean and Green in the 1990s" the Active Community Team (ACT) is running three tickets in the local government elections.

The ACT has released a comprehensive environment policy that focusses on the...

Aboriginal woman vs six men

By Pete Malatesta

SYDNEY — "I see this as a big challenge", Elva Taylor told Green Left, "because I'm Aboriginal and a woman, running against six men".

Taylor is standing as an...

Picket opposes hospital closure

By Stephen O'Brien

NEWCASTLE — More than 300 people gathered outside the NSW Industrial Commission offices here on September 4 to demonstrate community support for keeping Wallsend Hospital open.

The commission hearing had...

By Paul Burow

BRISBANE — The Queensland government seems determined to steamroll ahead with siting the state's largest toxic waste dump at Gurulmundi, near Miles in southern Queensland, despite expert advice against it.

A resident's group, People Against Toxic...

By Peter Boyle
and Vannessa Hearman

MELBOURNE — The More Not Less Campaign (a coalition of 28 groups) and the Campaign Against Newstart are organising a "rank and file contingent" at the September 10 Jobs and Justice rally to demand a "militant and democratic...

Threat to deregister teachers' union

By Nina Murka

SYDNEY — The NSW Teachers' Federation is threatened with deregistration after refusing to call off the TAFE teachers' strike on September 1-2.

The state Industrial Relations Commission will rule on the...

Perth police terrorise actors

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — Police rampages like the one that led to the killing of David Gundy in Sydney last year are nothing unusual in WA.

The latest victims of WA Tactical Response Group and Division 79 terrorism were...

By Kate Tregarthen and David Mizon

By Kate Tregarthen
and David Mizon

MELBOURNE — Residents are angry and frustrated over the Kirner government's legislation on rezoning of land around the Altona petrochemical complex — especially in the wake of the Coode...


By Sally Low

Bill Kelty and Laurie Carmichael are often hailed as the brains behind the ALP-ACTU Prices and Incomes Accord but a short overview of the evolution of trade union and left politics in Italy since the late 1970s suggests at least one source of their...

By Norm Dixon

The South African government was involved in a plot to assassinate a leader of the African National Congress as part of a coup in the "independent" Transkei bantustan. The target was Chris Hani, a senior member of the ANC's national leadership and Umkhonto...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Since the August coup and the dissolution of the Communist Party, trade union and left activists in the Russian Federation have accelerated their efforts to build a new, democratic mass party fighting for the rights of working people.


By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin moved on August 28 to strip the Moscow City Soviet of most of its authority. Taking advantage of the "democratic" euphoria following the collapse of the August 19-21 coup, Yeltsin used his powers of...

By Norm Dixon

The African National Congress has condemned constitutional arrangements proposed by South Africa's President F.W. de Klerk. It calls them a "recipe for disaster" and a ruse to "retain the accumulated privileges of apartheid".

De Klerk unveiled the...

Governor bans rallies in Timor

The Indonesian governor of East Timor has banned demonstrations during a scheduled visit by Portuguese parliamentarians later this year.

"Demonstrators will face the Indonesian armed forces", Mario Carrascalao told about 5000 government employees on...

US blocks waste controls

GENEVA — The United States has strongly resisted attempts by some Third World and European countries to strengthen international safeguards against the movement and dumping of hazardous wastes.

In a carefully worded statement delivered at a meeting here,...

Hunger strike at Chinese embassy

Li Lu, a student leader during the 1989 pro-democracy demonstration in Tienanmen Square in Beijing, is currently on a hunger strike in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC.

He began his fast on August 17 to protest against the inhumane...

Interview By Renfrey Clarke

An economist and specialist on the problems of women in the workplace, ANASTASIYA POSADSKAYA is head of the Gender Studies Centre within one of the institutes of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. She was interviewed in Moscow by RENFREY CLARKE...


Hawke and Namaliu

Bob Hawke and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Rabbie Namaliu, meeting in Canberra last week, agreed that more Australian aid should be directed to solving PNG's "law and order" problems.

They agreed that PNG must shift the orientation of its military spending...


Thelma and Louise
Directed by Ridley Scott
Screenplay by Callie Khouri
With Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis
Reviewed by Rose McCann

The fact that a film like Thelma and Louise can excite such controversy and...

By Noel McGuire

Patrick White — A life
By David Marr
Random House. 727 pp. $49.95 hardback
Reviewed by Noel McGuire

After he won the Nobel prize, Patrick White became a Living National Treasure....

By Steven Giese

Art Gallery of NSW until September 15
Reviewed by Steven Giese

This year's Perspecta was an understandably Greinerised affair, chopped back a bit (they couldn't afford the two...

By Fiona Fort

The Edinburgh Years
Directed by Cameron P. Mellor
Reviewed by Fiona Fort

The Doug Anthony Allstars, middle-class Canberra boys and musical comedy group the world loves to hate, wreak havoc...

Story and photo by Kim Shipton

SYDNEY — Over two nights in August, a team of six graffiti artists created and dedicated a huge mural to the people of Newtown. The mural features planet earth, US civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King and a phrase from his most...

By Peter Boyle

Bran Nue Dae
A documentary film by Tom Zubrycki
State Film Theatre, Melbourne
Reviewed by Peter Boyle

I wish I hadn't missed the stage musical performance of Bran Nue Dae in...