Governor bans rallies in Timor


Governor bans rallies in Timor

The Indonesian governor of East Timor has banned demonstrations during a scheduled visit by Portuguese parliamentarians later this year.

"Demonstrators will face the Indonesian armed forces", Mario Carrascalao told about 5000 government employees on August 27, according to the Jakarta Post. "Please tell your relatives at home not to hold rallies and tell ABRI [the armed forces] about anyone planning demonstrations in the wake of the visit."

Carrascalao told the meeting he had received requests from some groups he did not name to be allowed to organise counter-demonstrations if other groups held "pro-Portuguese" rallies.

According to the newspaper, the governor said the visit is meant to erase the East Timor issue from the UN agenda and to assure Portugal that the people of East Timor want to be part of Indonesia.