Aboriginal woman vs six men


Aboriginal woman vs six men

By Pete Malatesta

SYDNEY — "I see this as a big challenge", Elva Taylor told Green Left, "because I'm Aboriginal and a woman, running against six men".

Taylor is standing as an independent candidate for the South ward of South Sydney City Council in the local elections on September 14. Her campaign is aimed at representing the interests of Aboriginal people, elderly people, youth and the unemployed.

Taylor first moved to Redfern when she was 14, and has been closely connected to the south Sydney area. A resident of Chippendale for the last five years, she currently works as an employment officer at Newtown CES and is a committee member of Namaroo Skillshare, Redfern.

Elva Taylor's campaign consists mainly of distributing pamphlets and door-knocking, and she would welcome any assistance. "I need lot's of help with the campaign. If anyone wants to help, ring me at Newtown CES or just drop in for a chat."

Elva Taylor can be contacted at Newtown CES, 93-99 King St, phone 512 53661.

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