This issue, next issue You may have noticed that this week's Green Left Weekly pages are a little smaller — about one centimetre shorter than usual. This is due to a newsprint shortage which has left our printer with insufficient quantities of
Write on: letters to the editor Tarkine I am replying to Kevin Parker's letter (GLW #191) in response to an article I wrote (GLW #189) on the Tarkine. The article quoted an activist from the Tarkine Tigers criticising the Wilderness Society
CPSU delegates fight budget cuts By Peter Webster From July 3, many DSS workplaces around Australia will be "downsized". The federal government has slashed the budget for 1995-96 and, despite concerns raised by members, the national and
On June 30 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) announced that it had no jurisdiction to decide on Portugal's challenge to the Indonesia-Australia Timor Gap Treaty. This, the court said, was because it could not decide on the nature of
The Right Road: A History of Right-wing Politics in Australia By Andrew Moore Oxford University Press, 1995. 166 pp., $22.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Right-wing politics in Australia has its well-populated rogue's gallery. It ranges
During a panel discussion entitled "Women, Race and Class" held at the Marxist Educational Conference in Sydney over Easter, KAREN FLETCHER, feminist activist and former GLW journalist, took up the issue of where feminism is at in the 1990s, and what
Nurses' union breaks silence on mercury hazard By Paul Jones The June issue of the Australian Nursing Federation's journal, the Australian Nursing Journal, (carries a full page article by Dianne Lacroix titled "The danger of mercury
By Jennifer Thompson As opposition grows to French nuclear weapons testing at Moruroa atoll, Greenpeace and other campaigners will be remembering the bombing in Auckland harbour of the first Rainbow Warrior on July 10, 1985. The Rainbow
Nimbin police launch 'drug war' NIMBIN — The NSW Police Service has decided to throw money and civil rights to the wind in an effort to win the unwinnable "war against drugs". While some police want drug abuse to be treated as a health
Socialists call for 'people before profit' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Democratic Socialist candidate for the seat of Brisbane Central, Zanny Begg, called for the creation of "a new kind of government based on putting the interests of
No aberration The controversy over the appointment of Lieutenant General Herman Mantiri as Indonesia's ambassador to Australia may be a little confusing to the Suharto dictatorship. After all, Mantiri has only carried through policies on East
By Lisa Macdonald The opposition among Australians to the French government's decision to resume nuclear testing in the Pacific is not yet translating into hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets as they did during the heyday of
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Law and order and the environment are becoming the main battlegrounds over which the Queensland state election on July 15 is being fought. Labor and the National-Liberal Coalition are competing over who has the
East Timor 'resistance is strong' Recent arrivals from East Timor, who must remain anonymous, have told Green Left Weekly that the Indonesian occupation forces are stepping up their campaign of detention and terror, aimed specifically at young
By Kim Linden MELBOURNE The Queer Collaborations conference — organised by and for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenderists and their supporters — will be held here July 10-14. Cameron Cutts, a member of the conference organising
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The Budyonnovsk hostage crisis soon merged into the most ominous constitutional stand-off in Russia since October 1993. The political battle opened up on June 21 when the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian


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