Piaf: The Songs and Story in Concert With Jeannie Lewis The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, until Aug 1. Reviewed by Francesca Davidson Piaf is brilliant. Directed by Ted Robinson, the show played in the 1980s to rave reviews, and the 1995
A unique conference In the first week of July, hundreds of young women will be gathering again at the Network of Women Students in Australia (NOWSA) conference in Melbourne. The conference has been held annually since 1987, when an enterprising
In by-elections in June for the Community and Public Sector Union, one of the country's largest unions, GREG ADAMSON was elected ACT assistant secretary on the ticket of CPSU Challenge. STEVE ROGERS spoke to him for Green Left Weekly. What does
[A panel on the issue of women, race and class was held at the Marxist Educational Conference in Sydney over Easter. KAMALA EMANUEL, an activist in the Newcastle Decriminalise Abortion Campaign and a Democratic Socialist Party member, spoke on the
In the stars: you're weak this month By Lucifer Skycrawler What do the stars hold for you? About as much as your bank holds for you, which is to say: whatever you put in, minus charges, fees, state taxes, financial institutions duty and
Kath Gelber "Identity" in the gay and lesbian community means many different things. It includes the personal identification of same sex desire, a process of realisation and recognition of a desire which challenges dominant sexual norms.
How to Save the Earth — First in a six-part documentary series on preserving tropical rainforests, stopping global warming, feeding the world, cutting air pollution and slowing down the rate of consumption of the world's resources. SBS, Sunday,
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began an open-ended hunger strike on June 15. The Prisoners' Central Committee in Jneid Prison announced that the goal is the immediate release of the roughly 5400 Palestinian political prisoners who continue to
Airport 'consultations' cause uproar By Cameron Parker SYDNEY — Called by the federal government's hastily established Sydney Airport Community Consultative Committee (SACCC), a series of highly charged public meetings in Newtown, Hunters
Irons for prisoners Prisoners chained in leg-irons at Barwon prison are considering action against the Victorian Department of Correctional Services on the basis that the use of leg-irons is an abuse of human rights. The Victorian Criminal Justice
Mt Isa workers vote on log of claims By Bill Mason BRISBANE — A mass meeting of unionists at the giant MIM mine at Mt Isa will be held on June 27 to vote on a draft log of claims, including a 16% wage rise, free annual air fares to
Darwin anti-nuclear campaign By Tom Flanagan DARWIN — An information stall in Darwin's Raintree Park on July 1 collected hundreds of signatures on petitions opposing nuclear testing. This was the first of a series of public actions in
[This is the slightly abridged text of a talk given at a public forum in Sydney on June 6. The author, JOHN PERCY, is national secretary of the Democratic Socialist Party.] The campaign against the Vietnam War here developed in similar ways to
Green Left Weekly was established on the principle of networking between activists involved in campaigns — for the environment, for women's liberation, for lesbian and gay rights and many others. The coverage that Green Left gives to these issues
The Tricks of the Trade By Dario Fo Methuen. 224 pp., $19.95 Reviewed by Dave Riley Acting is taken so much for granted. So much of the culture we enjoy now depends on the ability of individuals to delude us into thinking they are someone
Defence "We are just doing this to keep some defence contractors who put out big political contributions, I think, alive." — US member of Congress Pat Schroeder on why the Congress voted to buy two more B-2 Stealth bombers, at US$1.2 billion


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