On the box


How to Save the Earth — First in a six-part documentary series on preserving tropical rainforests, stopping global warming, feeding the world, cutting air pollution and slowing down the rate of consumption of the world's resources. SBS, Sunday, July 9, 7pm.

David Suzuki's the Nature of Things — The final instalment of Suzuki's documentary series seeks working alternatives to the unsustainable economic system which is destroying the world. SBS, Monday, July 10, 7.30pm

The Restless Conscience — A look inside the activities and motives of activists in the anti-Nazi underground inside Nazi Germany. ABC TV, Monday, July 10, midnight.

Raskols — Behind the phenomenon of PNG's criminal gangs, known as raskols, the picture that emerges is of alienated young people denied jobs and security who must turn to crime to live. They are also becoming more politically aware, telling the film makers that there is not a fair distribution of wealth in PNG and that projects by villagers are neglected. SBS, Tuesday, July 11, 8pm.

Movie: Riff Raff (1990) — Ken Loach's chaotic dark comedy about work on a London building site. SBS, Thursday, July 13, 9.30pm.

Movie: La Marseillaise (1937) — This film follows the events of the French revolution from the storming of the Bastille to the overthrow of the monarchy. One solution, revolution! SBS, Friday, July 14, 9.30pm.

Movie: Stepping Razor: Red X (1992) — Biopic of reggae's second most famous, and arguably most political, exponent, Peter Tosh. SBS, Saturday, July 15, 9.30pm.

True Stories: The Robert Kennedy Assassination — This documentary re-examines the investigation into the murder of Robert Kennedy. It exposes how the CIA planted two agents within the Los Angeles Police Department who then ran the investigation into the assassination. ABC TV, Sunday, July 16, 8.30pm.

Defenders of the Wild — A six-part series about people who dedicate their lives to protect the environment. In this episode, a Brazilian conservationist risks his life to stop illegal hunters. SBS, Monday, July 17, 7.30pm.

Seven Songs for Malcolm X — A homage to the revolutionary African-American leader Malcolm X. Features interviews with Betty Shabbazz and Spike Lee. SBS, Monday, July 17, 11.05pm.

Movie Matinee: Falling Apart (1985) — After living for 10 years in Miami, a mother returns to Cuba. From Cuba. SBS, Tuesday, July 18, 12.30pm.

The Andreotti Case — Giulio Andreotti, a top leader of the Italian Christian Democratic Party, has been charged with mafia membership, corruption and complicity in murder. SBS, Tuesday, July 18, 8.30pm.

Ratlines — A hard-hitting doco on the postwar alliance between the US, France, Britain and Italy that ensured that only a third of the 150,000 Nazi collaborators accused of war crimes were ever caught. ABC TV, Tuesday, July 18, 11pm.

Going Tribal — Looks at the young people, known as "ferals", who have chosen to live in and defend some of Australia's most beautiful environments. SBS, Wednesday, July 19, 8.30pm.