'Health risk' from Telecom tower ADELAIDE — Henley Beach residents are being "kept in the dark" over proposals to construct a six-metre telecommunications structure (for mobile phone services) on the roof of the Western Community Hospital.
NZ: Alliance support increases By Frank Enright In the weeks following the November 6 general election, which radically changed the shape of New Zealand politics, support for the 20,000-strong progressive coalition, the Alliance, climbed
In the old days, we're told, the headlines of Direct Action (a precursor of Green Left) were laid out with letraset. This was all very well until midnight on production night, when someone ran out of 'e's. Then ensued a frantic scramble while the
Wilderness Society blockades forests By Kest Courtice HOBART — The Wilderness Society (TWS) blockaded a new logging road in Tasmania's southern forests from January 24 to 26. Public attention was focused on the action when ALP Senator
Invasion Day march in Brisbane By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — Several hundred people marched on January 26 to commemorate the invasion of Australia. The march followed controversy in the media over the move by Premier Wayne Goss to have
Brandon Astor Jones Re your column "Looking out" by Brandon Astor Jones, a death row prisoner in Georgia, U.S.A. You may not be aware that Brandon has been imprisoned for over 14 years and during all that time he has not seen any member of his
Comment by Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — The battle to save Richmond Secondary College (RSC) was a hard fought and militant campaign, one of the strongest actions against Kennett's attacks on community living standards since he came to office.
Beat the Border Geoffrey Oryema Real World through Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Norm Dixon "African music" and "World music" are wholly inadequate terms to describe Geoffrey Oryema's beautifully crafted album. Lazy or ignorant record
Keepers and the kept By Brandon Astor Jones Often, when you read about the kept, what is written will have been presented by someone who has a vested interest in suppressing the truth about the keepers. For a refreshing change, let's
First Bougainvillean accorded refugee status By Frank Enright SYDNEY — The threat of imprisonment, rape and possible murder has been lifted from a Bougainvillean stranded in Australia with the outbreak of war on her island. On the verge
By Craig Cormick Based on highly reliably international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Indonesia's
By Richard Hindmarsh Genetic engineering (GE) is now being introduced for conventional food processing industries. This includes both the manufacturing process, such as fermentation, and the production of designer or novel foods. It's
Messengers of the Gods: Tribal Elders Reveal the Ancient Wisdom of the Earth By James Cowan Vintage Australia. 209 pp., $17 Reviewed by Dave Riley If you have fished Port Phillip Bay this message is clear: When the tea-trees are blooming,
By Jo Brown MELBOURNE — The campaign to save Northland Secondary College from the Kennett government's cuts has taken a new turn with the announcement on Monday, January 24, that the school would not reopen for the start of the school year.
The Temple By Louis Nowra Sydney Theatre Company Wharf Theatre to February 12 Reviewed by Helen Jarvis. Sydney Theatre Company has kicked off its 1994 season with a powerful comedy about the venality of capitalism. Louis Nowra has
By Tom Kelly Ozone depletion in the stratosphere, a layer of the atmosphere that extends from 10 to 50 kilometres above the earth's surface, is caused by the presence of chlorine and bromine. These are released by industrially produced


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