BADDEGAMA SAMITHA is a member of the Central Committee of the New Socialist Party (NSSP) in Sri Lanka. In Sydney in early January to attend the conference of the Democratic Socialist Party, he was interviewed by REIHANA MOHIDEEN. Could you
By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — The International Green Left Conference, to be held at the University of New South Wales from April 1 to 4, is drawing unprecedented interest and enthusiasm from both local and international activists in the
New Zealand Alliance supports Cuba A call by US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson for the US government to end its illegal economic blockade of Cuba has been echoed in New Zealand by Alliance international affairs spokesperson Matt Robson.
By Dallas Rodgers MELBOURNE — The Victoria Police are undertaking a six-month trial of a controversial chemical weapon. The police claim it's a non-lethal weapon for subduing violent criminals, but courts in the US, where the chemical is used,
NEW YORK — Greenpeace on January 17 released a report documenting Britain's diversion of other countries' commercial plutonium into its nuclear weapons program. The Greenpeace report, "Sellafield and the Bomb: Civil Plutonium in the UK
Women and technology A documentary by the Australian Women's Broadcasting Co-Operative for Radio National's Coming Out Show in March will examine the work practices and ethics of computer and technology-oriented industries and networks from a
This summary of developments relating to the death penalty was compiled by Amnesty International. Jamaica On November 2, 1993, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London (which remains the final court of appeal for 16
Taming of the Great South Land — A history of the conquest of Nature in Australia By William J. Lines Allen and Unwin. 337 pp. $19.95. Reviewed by Dave Riley When you fly the east coast of Australia on a window seat, you look down on a
Concerns at 'Vampire' Project Aboriginal people in Central Australia have learned of an international scientific proposal to take blood and hair samples from indigenous people in Australia. The director of the Central Australian Aboriginal
By Richie Walsh Some six months ago, Irish people and those around the world who wish for and work towards peace in Ireland were astounded to find that the leader of the Social Democratic Labour Party, John Hume, Westminster MP, and Gerry Adams,
More than 10,000 Kooris and their supporters gathered at Survival '94 in Sydney on Invasion Day, Jan 26th, to celebrate Aboriginal culture and struggle. The day-long event brought performers and participants from all over Australia. The range of
Two million hectares of rainforest at risk On January 24, the Ecuadorian government opened 10 new rainforest blocks to oil development. The Quito-based environmental organisation, Accion Ecologica, has requested that faxes be sent to the
GENEVA, January 18 (WHO) — More than 30% of the world's under-five-year-old children — about 192 million in all — are still malnourished and underweight, according to a World Health Organisation report. More than two-thirds of those
By Jana D.K. JAKARTA — In late December, controversy erupted here after it was reported that the Portuguese newspaper Publico had printed a letter by jailed Fretilin leader Xanana Gusmao in which he requested that the Portuguese government
Family life in New York City Falsettos Sydney Theatre Company Drama Theatre, Opera House, to March 5 Directed by Wayne Harrison Music and lyrics by William Finn Reviewed by Graham Matthews In this "Year of the Family", Falsettos
Puerto Rican nationalist radiated, says family SAN JUAN — The family of Nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos, a principal Puerto Rican independence figure of this century, is demanding that the US admit to torturing Campos by radiation.


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