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Ecosocialism 2020

Ecosocialism 2020, an online conference to be hosted by Green Left on October 24-25, will look at capitalist globalisation, the ecological crisis and campaigning for an alternative ecosocialist future.

Green Left is publishing this Ecosocialist Manifesto for discussion and further development at a series of Ecosocialism conferences in several cities next month.

Two days of workshops and panels, featuring local and international speakers. Topics include: Why ecosocialism: The global fight for a red-green future; Trade unions and the green transition we need; Behind the US/Australia campaign against China; Fighting the right, building an anti-capitalist left.

Narrated by Alice Walker, Maestra (Spanish for teacher) explores the experiences of nine women who, as young girls, helped eradicate Cuban illiteracy in the 1961 literacy campaign within one year. 

Fifty years later, the brigadistas reminisce about the independence and self-confidence they gained from the great adventure and the trust the country placed in them. Film by Catherine Murphy. 2013. 32 min.

Chaired by Ian Ellis-Jones, (Green Left journalist and commentator on Cuba)


In the 1960s radical socialists led by Jack Mundy were elected leaders of the NSW Builders Labourers Federation. They not only won better pay and conditions for building workers, their radical environmental politics shook all of Australia.

Speakers will discuss the current crisis, the roots of the conflict and what needs to be done. The Socialist Alliance will also launch our new pamphlet "Palestine - Israeli apartheid & anti-semitism"

Public Forum: Behind the Cold War on China, Tuesday, 27 July, 6:30pm (dinner from 6pm) @ Resistance Centre, Level 5, 407 Swanston Street, City.

Also available to attend via ZOOM @ 

In the past year, we have seen an escalation of rhetoric against China - anti-Asian racism drummed up by Donald Trump & the 'drums of war' from politicians like Peter Dutton.

Join our public forum and discussion with:

Samiha Olwan - a Palestinian activist from Gaza. She is a researcher in literary, cultural and gender studies with a PhD in English and comparative literature from Murdoch University and a masters degree in cultural studies from Durham University, UK. Before arriving in Australia in 2014, Samiha worked with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza and taught at the Islamic University of Gaza

Covid 19 pandemic, the State, and the far right: A left response

Tuesday 24 Aug, 6:30pm via zoom at

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Australia with the surge in cases from the more infectious delta strain in Sydney.

The federal and News South Wales state governments are using the COVID-19 pandemic to further attack workers' rights, jobs and conditions. The fight for pandemic leave, job security and the return of genuine income support are crucial for all workers. Join a panel of union activists who will outline the issues facing workers in essential sectors — including the public service, education, construction, health care and recreation facilities.

Green Left Performance Night - a night of Cultural Dissent

Saturday 27 November
7pm (doors open from 6pm)
Maritime Union Hall, 46-54 Ireland St, West Melbourne
(3 min walk from North Melbourne station)

Here is our line-up of talented comedians and comic bards with attitude, from a range of social backgrounds. 

Nicky Barry - comedian.
Helchild - satirical character comedian / comic poet.
Aarti Vincent - comedian.
Clinton Gin - comedian.
Krutika Harale - comedian.
James Warren - comedian.

Join online at:

In-person gatherings at
Brisbane: Albion Peace Centre 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor 4030.
Boorloo (Perth): 15/5 Aberdeen Street, (next to McIver station), Perth, WA

2:00pm (Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, Qld)
1:30pm (South Australia)
12:00pm (WA)
1:30pm (NT)

The defeat of the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan is summed up by the image of a United States helicopter rescuing diplomats from Kabul’s Green Zone.

Public forum
Capitalism & Violence against women: The New Resistance
Tuesday March 17th, 6.30pm (meal available from 6pm)
Resistance Centre, Level 5, 407 Swanston St , Melbourne CBD

Women around the world are leading new campaigns against misogynist violence and harassment and the promotion of sexism by conservative governments and right-wing populist forces. This forum will look at these inspiring movements and the central place of women’s liberation in the struggle against capitalism.

Join socialist activists, artists and academics Dr. Markela Panegyres and Dr. Aleksandr Andreas Wansbrough in a discussion about the history, ideas, and nature of revolutionary art.

Markela and Aleks’s joint presentation will give an overview of revolutionary art movements and artists.

After the presentations and discussion, stick around and participate in Green Left ’s revolutionary art auction.

Art donated to Green Left will be auctioned off to raise funds for the people’s powered press. If you want to donate some art contact 0434 540 903

On September 25, people across the world are taking action in solidarity with the women of Afghanistan.
This four-part seminar series will address: The cause of pandemics, droughts, soil erosion and land and river system degradation.


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