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Julian Assange should never have been jailed and tortured for helping Chelsea Manning expose United States war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their freedom means the West is failing to silence dissent.

Ecosocialism 2020

Ecosocialism 2020, an online conference to be hosted by Green Left on October 24-25, will look at capitalist globalisation, the ecological crisis and campaigning for an alternative ecosocialist future.

Green Left is publishing this Ecosocialist Manifesto for discussion and further development at a series of Ecosocialism conferences in several cities next month.

Uncle Sam Watson speaking at a conference.

The second national day of action against the WA government’s policy of closing remote Aboriginal communities will take place on May 1.

In a new format for 2013, the Green Left Report hosts a roundtable discussion and debate on the millions strong protests prior to the war on Iraq in February 2003. This weeks roundtable includes some key activists at the time who reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the protests and lessons for progressive struggles today

The final Green Left Report for 2012 features Christine Assange, mother of Julian Assange, on why the Australian government fears WikiLeaks, the problems of the corporate press, and the WikiLeaks releases that impacted the most on her.

Features interviews with Sue Bolton, the newly elected Socialist Alliance councillor for Moreland in Melbourne and Lindsay Hawkins, one of the Progressive PSA team that have won control of the union representing NSW public servants.

What is feminism and why do we need it? Filmed in Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Perth.

Support Green Left TV to take on the media of the corporate rich. Watch it, share it, film it and help us raise $60,000 to get Green Left TV on it's feet and covering the struggles for change across Australia and globally.

Co-editors Jeff Sparrow and Antony Loewenstein discuss their new book with contributors Tad Tietze and Larissa Behrendt at the June 14 launch at Sydney's Gleebooks.

Raj Patel


Greetings from around the world for Green Left's 20th anniversary.

Brisbane flood

Climate change was a big factor in the devastating floods that swept through Queensland and other states in January. For decades, scientists have warned that carbon pollution will lead to more frequent weather disasters.