GREEN LEFT REPORT #12: Ten years since the biggest anti-war protests in history


In a new format for 2013, the Green Left Report hosts a roundtable discussion and debate on the millions-strong protests prior to the war on Iraq in February 2003. This show includes some key activists at the time who reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the protests and lessons for progressive struggles today. Pip Hinman was a leader of the anti-war movement in Sydney at the time; Nick Deane convened a local peace group; and Jim McIlroy, who has been an anti-war activist since the Vietnam war, was part of the Brisbane protests. Also featured is an interview with Simon Butler, who led Books Not Bombs protests of high school and other youth opposed to the war.

They discuss with hosts Mel Barnes and Peter Boyle. The episode ends with Carlo Sands critiquing the notion of the "lesser evil".

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