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On 'broad left parties'

Murray Smith, a member of the European Left Party's executive bureau, looks at the emergence of new parties in Europe over the past 25 years. He responds to criticisms of his perspective by Mick Armstrong from Australia's Socialist Alternative.

Ireland: 'We have to convince people that Sinn Fein is different'

Eoin O Broin, a Sinn Fein activist and Dublin councillor, writes that Irish people are “hungry for change but distrustful of politicians” He says Sinn Fein must convince it would “only take office if it means wielding real power to create a better and more equal Ireland”.

United States: Breaking out of the two-party (ballot) box

Nearly six years into Barack Obama's neoliberal presidency, there are growing signs of discontent within the Democrats' traditional voting base, writes Jen Roesch.

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