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European elections against backdrop of crisis

The 2014 European elections were the first to held since the full extent of the financial and economic crisis and its consequences became apparent, Murray Smith says.

Ukraine: 'Alarm bells for anti-fascist, pro-democracy forces'

Speaking on behalf of the union Borotba, Andriy Manchuk told a Europe-wide anti-fascist meeting in Athens in April: “Our East European country is witnessing one of the most dramatic moments in its modern history. The Ukrainian left faces challenges we have not confronted for many years.”

Spanish state: ‘Podemos has won new people over to the left, to oppose neoliberal policies’ -- United Left

Federal coordinator of the United Left in the Spanish state Cayo Lara spoke to Público just hours after the June 2 rally in support of a referendum on whether Spain should become a republic and with the European election results still hot news.