VIDEO: Assange says 'The oppressed must unite', plus Tariq Ali and others speak


Julian Assange's speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorean embassy in London on August 19. Also features the speeches by a range of WikiLeaks supporters, including renowned writer and veteran activist Tariq Ali who chaired the rally outside the embassy before Assange spoke.

In Ali's second speech (see times below), he emphasised the significance of the powerful Bolivarian revolution that has swept Latin America -- beginning in Venezuela and spreading to Bolivia, Ecuador and beyond. Ali emphasises this rebellion against imperialism and neoliberialism, by the poor majority, is the reason Assange has found support in Ecuador and other LA nations.

00:00 Julian Assange Speech
09:43 Tariq Ali Speech
16:25 Cynthia Kane reads Vivienne Westwood Speech
17:42 Romain Gavras reads John Pilger Speech
19:35 Rebecca O'Brien reads Ken Loach Speech
22:50 Craig Murrey Speech
32:24 Tariq Ali Speech
39:22 Questions and Answers