Solidarity shown to Sudan’s struggle against oppression

A protest for Sudan in Footscray, Melbourne. Photo: Chloe DS

The Sudanese community and supporters demonstrated in support of the people of Sudan at a rally in Footscray on November 13. Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese are continuing to take to the streets to resist the attempted coup by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Student Samah Abdeljaleel called out the violence perpetuated by al-Burhan and his Rapid Support Forces against the protestors. “Seventeen people have been killed and hundreds more wounded,” she said. “We say ‘No’ to the military coup; we say ‘No’ to any government set up by the military.” “Keep the fight alive, there is no turning back!” she added.

Sudanese Australasian Medical Professionals Association member Aladdin said the health care system would not survive under a military dictatorship. “The military has cut supply to the hospitals and communication on the ground between doctors and the hospitals has become very difficult.”

Socialist Alliance Senate candidate Felix Dance said it was “inspiring to see people continuing to come out onto the streets to oppose the coup”. He condemned the attacks and killing of protestors on the streets and said political prisoners needed to be released.

Emma from Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and Victorian Socialists’ Maribyrnong City Council member Jorge Jorquera also paid tribute to the Sudanese.

The rally called on the federal government to condemn the coup, to push for the civilian-led government to be reinstated, to refuse to recognise any military-led government or one led by al-Burhan, to designate the Rapid Support Forces a terrorist group, to impose sanctions on al-Burhan, Hemediti and the Military Council and to call for an end to the internet blackout.