Occupy Perth vows to continue protest

United march on CHOGM, October 28. Photo: Zebedee Parkes

Occupy Perth released the statement below on October 28.

* * *

Perth activists are currently occupying Forrest Place in the centre of the CBD. The 100 protesters who have committed to staying the night are calling for an end to corporate greed and for the rise of a real and transparent democracy.

The police have informed the group that so long as they do not erect any other permanent structures they will not be moved on.

“We have occupied the city to express our belief in a fairer and more equitable world where everyone has a fair share of all resources, where the greed of the few does not outweigh the needs of the many”
said Occupy Perth spokesperson Karun Cowper.

The group earlier participated in the march against the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting in which organisers estimate 2000 people marched through the CBD to draw attention to issues of social and environmental injustice being perpetuated by those meeting at CHOGM.

“It was a truly inspirational display of community spirit and compassion. It felt like direct democracy in action and I was so proud to be a part of it”, said participant Emma Brown.

Occupy organisers vowed to continue their peaceful demonstration throughout the weekend.

“Earlier today we reaffirmed our commitment to peaceful non-violent protest by joining with those protesting CHOGM. Now we will continue to occupy Forrest Place in solidarity with the occupy movements happening globally.” said Cowper.

The occupy movement get their catch cry of ‘we are the 99%’ from a recent UN report revealing that one percent of the world’s population owns 40 percent of its wealth.

‘“We are the 99 percent is a term gaining momentum as a global call to create a grassroots democracy that we can participate in. For some time now, big corporations have used their influence in the media and politics to undermine genuine decision-making by the majority,” Cowper concluded.

The occupy movement began as a small Wall St occupation in New York City on September 17. Since then, thousands of people have joined the movement in Manhattan’s financial district. Groups in over a thousand cities around the world have begun occupations to challenge corporate power and the corruption of democracy.

The Occupy Perth community welcomes all people to join the occupation in Forrest Place for the duration of the CHOGM weekend and show their support for the global occupy movement.

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