Defend our right to protest!

The NSW police are taking Occupy Sydney organisers to the Supreme Court on November 4 to try to ban our planned march through the Sydney CBD.

The next “Freedom Wave” to Gaza is on its way. Sydney based youth worker Michael Coleman joins delegates from several countries on the Canadian boat Tahrir as it sets sail for Gaza.

Israeli has launched a series of air strikes on the Gaza Strip since October 29. ABC.net.au reported on November 2 that Israel was preparing its military for a ground assault on the besieged territory — home to about 1.5 million Palestinians.

At least 11 Palestinians have been killed, ABC.net.au said. Officials on both sides said at least seven members of Palestinian group Islamic Jihad (JI) had been killed,

For a lighthearted look at some of the difficulties and frustrations with the democratic process of the Occupy movement, have a look at The Meeting: A Democratic Satire, by Kahtia Lontis.

It is described as "a short satirical fiction piece based on the painful process of grassroots democracy". It is something anyone who has taken part in the movement could identify with.

A victory was achieved by the anti-memorandum, anti-government movement on October 28.

It was commemoration day of the resistance to the German occupation of Greece, which started in 1940. Across the whole country, the traditional student and military march was turned into an event of protest against the new occupation of Greece being enforced by the “troika” of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central and and the European Union.

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Inside Al-Qaeda and the TalibanM
By Syed Saleem Shahzad
Pluto Press, 2011
260 pp., $39.95

Deadly Waters, The Hidden World of Somalia’s Pirates
By Jan Bahadur
Scribe, 2011
300 pp., $29.95

The Interrogator, A CIA Agent’s True Story
By Glenn Carle
Sribe, 2011
321 pp., $32.95

The Wizard of Lies, Bernie Madoff & the Death of Trust
By Diana B. Henriques
Scribe, 2011
419 pp., $35.00

Inside Pine Gap: The Spy Who Came in from the Desert
By David Rosenberg
Hardie Grant Books, 2011
216 pages, $35 (pb)

David Rosenberg found 1960s television show Mission Impossible “irresistible” with its patriotic tales of high-tech US government spies thwarting the “bad guys”.

After an 18-year career as a US National Security Agency (NSA) electronic signals analyst at the CIA’s Pine Gap spy base in Australia’s remote interior, Rosenberg’s book, Inside Pine Gap, makes it clear that he has yet to grow up.

The statement below has been officially endorsed by the general assemblies of Occupy Brisbane, Occupy Melbourne and Occupy Sydney. Read more coverage on the Occupy movement here.

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