NSW police take Occupy Sydney to the Supreme Court



Defend our right to protest!

The NSW police are taking Occupy Sydney organisers to the Supreme Court on November 4 to try to ban our planned march through the Sydney CBD.

Occupy Sydney protesters will gather outside the court on Phillip St at 9.30am to defend the right to peacefully protest on our own streets, the streets which should belong to the 99%!

Stuart Littlemore QC will be representing Occupy Sydney at the hearing.

It will be held in Court 12D, Queens Square for those wanting to attend the actual hearing.

Whose Streets? Our Streets!


Sorry but public streets belong to the 100% and not the 99% so there not your streets there everyone’s streets.
If the Anonymous chap who made the above statement "so there [sic] not your streets" is a policeman, we are all in trouble. The inspector ought, of course, to have written "so they are [or they're] not your streets". The "streets" are of course owned entirely by the Crown, which ought to remain a beautiful abstraction, not an American euphemism for the business community. Alas, it seems the constabulary watch too much American television.