Mad F**king Witches: 'sack Dutton on the double'


Women from the Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) organised a "Mad F**king Witches" action to highlight the intolerable levels of sexual assault in Australian immigration detention centres and to call for freedom for refugees and the sacking of minister Peter Dutton.

"Silence on Nauru rapes makes us ‪#‎MadFuckingWitches‬," says RRAN activist Michelle Bui.

"Sexual violence against women and children on Nauru is a horrifying daily reality that has become increasingly well documented.

"Peter Dutton and the Immigration Department cannot plead that they are ignorant or unaware of these crimes. Indeed, upholding the policy of offshore processing despite dozens of cases of rape and sexual assault signals their complicity.

"The men who raped Nazanin and Abyan, who assaulted Arezo and the 6 year old girl, who have raped and abused countless other innocents are responsible for their heinous acts but so too are those who had the power to protect these people but chose not too. Worse yet, they chose to subject each and every one of these women and children to further trauma by denying them appropriate medical treatment and support and by and large forcing them to remain on a tiny island with their perpetrators, thus leaving them vulnerable to further abuse.

"The asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru sought Australia's protection, all they wanted was a safe life, but this is what they have been consigned to. The only way to prevent further horrors from unfolding is to ‪#‎EndOffshoreProcessing‬ and provide people with permanent protection and resettlement in Australia."