If dole bludgers want handouts, they should do something useful like destroy the Earth

October 11, 2019
With permission of Alan Moir, moir.com.au

There is a lot of whinging from bleeding heart liberals about “attacks” on the unemployed such as proposed mandatory drug testing, expanding welfare “quarantining” and the ongoing process of knowingly sending incorrect “robodebts” to welfare recipients that has been tied to large numbers of suicides

But honestly, you can’t expect us taxpayers to give anyone a free ride. If dole bludgers want handouts, they should do something constructive. Like Adani, which is set to receive $4.4 billion in public subsidies — without which its Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland would be unviable — to help destroy all life on Earth.

All us lifters ask for is something in return from society’s leaners. But how many Newstart recipients have caused a single species to go extinct, like the Adani mine threatens to do with the black-throated finch?

Sure, most unemployed people aren’t in a position to open the largest coal mine in Australia, but if you own a cricket bat you can at least do your bit. As Prime Minister Scott Morrison says, if you have a go, you'll get a go.

And, of course, the most important thing about the Adani mine is that it will create jobs. About 100 ongoing jobs to be precise, according to research by The Australia Institute.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can't think of a single other way to create 100 jobs than a mega-mine that further entrenches the fossil fuel industry responsible for rocketing carbon emissions into “holy Jesus fuck” territory with whole islands disappearing, Alaska’s waters entirely ice free and scientists recording the sea “boiling” with methane in Siberia.

Of course, the latte-sipping bleeding hearts who cry for dole bludgers are the same ones encouraging kids to worry about climate change — which is why it was so important our PM warned against creating “needless anxiety” among children over the issue.

Not worrying about climate change is good advice for all ages. I have personally found it very liberating.

Now I have so much more time to worry instead about wholesale destruction of ecosystems through deforestation, plummeting fish stocks due to over-fishing, the huge pollution of the ocean with plastics, the devastation caused by nuclear disasters like Fukushima, the threat of devastating military conflicts spiralling into a potentially nuclear World War III, thousands of children starving to death each day while 26 individuals have as much as the world’s poorest 50% and the Western Sydney Wanderers’ star midfield recruit Radoslaw Majewski injuring his knee, wiping him out for the season before it has even begun.

Honestly, when is something good going to finally happen again for Wanderers fans?

I don’t know. It’s not that I question whether Morrison has children's best interest at heart, but I don't personally feel that reassured. The situation strikes me as pretty critical as humanity faces worsening climate change and the real threat of another Sydney FC championship.

Urgent action is required.

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