Freedom, justice and peace for Sudan

Brisbane rallies for Sudan. Photo: Alex Bainbridge

The Sudanese community and supporters turned out across Australia on June 22 and 30 in support of the revolution in Sudan.

Rallies in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney have featured energetic dancing, poetry and singing, with protesters chanting “Peace, justice, freedom in Sudan” and “End the killings now”.

Dozens of protesters have been killed by the military regime in Sudan. One of the victims was 26-year-old engineer Mohamed Mattar, whose favourite color was blue. This prompted #BlueForSudan, with people wearing blue clothes at rallies around the world to remember the victims.

Speakers called for support for the six demands of the Sudanese revolution:

1. International pressure for the immediate handover of the Military Council to a civilian government approved by the Forces for Freedom and Change;

2. Immediate withdrawal of the Rapid Support Forces and paramilitaries from the main cities;

3. Independent investigation of the June 3 massacre outside the Army Headquarters in Khartoum and crimes against humanity against civilians since the start of the revolution;

4. Aid for victims of attacks on unarmed civilians;

5. Immediate release of all political detainees; and

6. Immediate end to the internet blackout.

The Sudanese community is asking for support from unions and is using the rallies to demand the Australian government put pressure on the military regime in Sudan to step down and respect civilian rule.