Fair go, Fairfax!

Staff and volunteers at Green Left Weekly showing solidarity to striking Fairfax workers.

The staff and volunteers at Green Left Weekly send warm solidarity greetings to Fairfax workers taking strike action against the drastic job cuts being pushed by management.

We applaud you for taking this action — deemed illegal by this country’s draconian anti-union laws.

You are setting an example of what breaking bad laws is all about: protecting people’s livelihoods and standing up for your right to a well-paid job.

In an increasingly digitised and alternative fact world, research and facts become even more important. Without specialist journalists, sub-editors and editors, we will have more front pages like the one on May 5, which included the new word “ecomomy”.

We agree that, as well as the job losses, a cut of $30 million is a political cut: it will influence what the editors decide to cover and how.

Like much of the media, Green Left Weekly is also facing challenges in this digital age. But then, we don’t have a CEO earning a $2.7 million salary either, which makes a difference.

We stand with you.